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Best Tablets of 2016

It will be a number of years before tablets are able to replace desktop/laptop computers but modern day tablets are offering a unique solution for work and entertainment. If you’re looking to pick up a tablet over the next few months, these are best on the market…

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Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids

According to an experiment conducted by Dragon Box, kids were able to absorb 28 hours of algebra in 5 days using the Dragon Box app! This just reaffirms the assumption that games are one of the best resources to educate young kids.

Without further ado here is our top 5 list of educational apps for kids….

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10 Most Epic Fails Caught On Camera

Cameras are great for a variety of reasons including keeping an eye on your kids and pets, looking after the elderly and protecting your home from burglars.

Sometimes, however, they catch some incredibly funny moments! Check out these epic fails caught on camera…

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5 Creepiest Places On Earth

The world is full of amazing places! Both natural and man-made, many legends and years of history have created these world wonders. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider our list for your next vacation. If not, revel in the mystery from afar as we take you on a journey of the creepiest places on earth…

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Man Arrested For Not Returning VHS rental

“I thought it was a joke,” says James Meyers, a man who was arrested for not returning a VHS rental more than 14 years ago…

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Home Security Knowledge Quiz

Did you know that 46% of burglars would enter a home while you’re inside? Take our quiz now to test your home security knowledge and find out if you’re a novice, amateur or expert! At the very least you’ll be better equipped to protect your home. 1. What is the most common entry point used […]

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Internet Safety Tips for Kids

The internet is full of knowledge and educational content which can help your child develop and learn. However, some easily accessible websites are not appropriate for children. It is best to keep this content locked away to prevent the potential negative impact on a child’s mind. We’ve put together some internet safety tips and precautions you can take to keep your kids safe online…

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Neighbours From Hell

Even the best homes can be ruined by bad neighbours. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. Neighbours blasting music into the early hours of the morning, parents who let their kids destroy your yard and over complainers who call the police if you dare sneeze!

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Top 8 Instagram Dogs Who Dress Better Than You

Are you always underdressed or overdressed? Sometimes it’s hard to decide what is appropriate for certain events and parties but these Instagram dogs have got you covered…

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5 Tips To Secure Your Backyard In Minutes

The backyard is one of the most overlooked places when it comes to the safety and security of your home. Statistics show that 22% of burglars use the back door to enter a home and another 23% climbed in through first-floor windows. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of safety tips to help you secure your backyard in minutes and prevent burglaries.

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