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How To Care For The Elderly Using Assistive Technology

When caring for the elderly, it is important to spend time with them and keep them active, both mentally and…

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Top 6 Most Stupid Burglars In The World

If you've experienced a burglary, you'd know firsthand that they're no joke. But occasionally, when dimwitted, stupid burglars are arrested…

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Best Nanny Cams 2016

If you’re a parent, you may be worried about how the babysitter is treating your children when you’re away from…

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Open Letter Of Forgiveness To Coffee Shop Burglar

The entire contents of the cash drawer - over $3000 - was stolen in late August from Cocoa Grinder in…

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The Burglar’s Most Wanted Valuables

Most people think burglars break in and grab anything of value they find before running out the door. Statistics indicate…

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10 Funny Cat Compilations Guaranteed Crack You Up

Cats make amazing pets. Independent, intelligent and a major source of hilarity. Watch these funny cats as they wrestle boxes,…

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Most common places burglars search when breaking in

The average burglary is completed in just 8-12 minutes. Time is of the essence if you don’t want to get…

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Dog Thefts Are On The Rise

It has recently been reported that in the last 2 years dogs thefts have risen 22% and since the start…

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