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Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Ashley Uses Cammy

She’s the organizer of the San Diego office and always knows what National Day it is! Here’s the Cammy employee…

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Innovative ways to use your smartphone

You take your smartphone everywhere with you. It’s almost impossible not to. With the number of apps available reaching over…

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Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Megan uses Cammy

She Cammy’s Marketo guru and is known for making the office smell wonderful with her air purifier and essential oils! Here’s…

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Vulnerabilities in home surveillance

25 percent of burglars reported cutting telephone or alarm wires before they broke into homes, in an effort to foil…

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Benefits of having security cameras in your business

Running a business is not easy and unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once. But what if I told you…

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Prevent Employee Theft

How to Prevent Employee Theft

Did you know that one in every 38 employees were apprehended for employee theft in 2015? Here are some ways…

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Gmail Phishing Scam: How It Works

There is a new Gmail phishing scam out there that you need to be aware of and it is fooling…

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Cammy Releases: Brand Redesign, New Desktop App and more

From humble beginnings, Cammy has grown to process over 13 billion snapshots annually. With this fast growth, we're excited to…

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