10 Best Apple Watch Apps

10 Best Apple Watch Apps

With the Apple watch only gaining traction in the marketplace and the available apps numbering over 3500 we figure you’ll want to use it for more than just a bit of selective sunblock. So whether you’re wondering what the weather will bring or looking for help remembering everything you need to do today, head on over to the watch section of Apple’s app store and check out our top ten Apple Watch apps to get you started in style.

Onefootball (Sports):



After being one of the first 1000 apps in the original Apple Store, Onefootball makes it easier than ever to follow the beautiful game by bringing their app to the Apple Watch. Notifications alert the wearer when a goal has been scored. In the Glances view, wearers either see a countdown until their favourite team plays again or the live score and time played during a match. With over 20 million downloads in over 200 countries and featuring over 140 leagues in 15 languages, Onefootball is one of the biggest and most comprehensive football apps available in the world.

Moleskine Timepage Calendar for iCloud, Google & Exchange (Productivity):



A most elegant calendar for your wrist that includes all your calendars in one place and seamlessly integrates weather, maps and contacts. Event reminders will tap you on the wrist and you can handoff from any day over to your iPhone to add events.

Evernote (Productivity):

It sounds obvious but the ideal companion to Evernote on your iPhone is Evernote on your Apple Watch. Dictate notes into Apple Watch and they will be transcribed and synced to Evernote. View all notes and dictate searches on your watch. Create reminders and get notifications for items coming due today.

1Password (Utilities):



Passwords on your wrist! As you may guess, 1Password lets you retain all of your log-ins and important private data in one place from your Amazon.com login to your garage door opener to your Credit Card details.

Yahoo (Weather):



With Yahoo’s incredible weather app you can prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Impressive Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions and you can easily view sunrise/sunset, precipitation and wind speed on simple colourful graphs.

Rules (Games):



One of the first games for Apple Watch is a tile-matching “twitch-puzzle” game that will get your brain in gear. Challenging and fun, each day you can complete 10 stages toward a daily goal and see comprehensive graphs displaying your progress or otherwise.

Dark Sky (Weather):



Why another weather app you might ask? Well for me this one answers a question that the others don’t and it’s kept me dry more than once already. Detailed precipitation information up to 1 hour in the future so you bring your umbrella when you see it will start to rain, where you are, in 12 minutes.

Letterpad (Games):



There are 9 tiles, each with a letter, and you find the words in these letters that are related to the puzzle topic. There are over 200 puzzles but the best part is you can create and share your own, in an active community with new puzzles added regularly. Caution: very addictive!

Hours (Productivity):



The perfect time tracking app, according to Forbes, is now available for Apple Watch. Hours on the Apple Watch makes switching timers as simple as a glance and a tap, making the Apple Watch the most convenient way to track your time, ever. Favorite feature? I can add voice notes to time entries. Anytime you can talk at your watch and not be committed to an institution is a good time.

Uber (Travel):



If you’d use this, surely you’ve heard of Uber. Uber makes finding your ride uber easy and on Apple Watch you can get book a ride and get up to the minute status updates right on your wrist.

Ok that’s already ten but while we’re on a roll I want you to know about one more killer app. You guessed it! Yes, Cammy also has an Apple Watch app available for download. Receive person detected alerts and view motion detected events on your wrist!