10 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2015

10 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2015

Father’s Day is a day to honour fathers and father figures, such as grandfathers and fathers-in-law. Many people make a special effort to visit their dear dads or to send them a card and gifts. The only trouble is, Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for. It’s high time we deviated from the boring old socks and tie combo.

We’ve trawled the web to find you ten of the best Father’s Day gifts this year.

Hexo+ Drone 



Said to be (and certainly appears to be) the ultimate GoPro camera accessory for 2015. With entirely automated flight & framing, 6 propellers and a 3 axis gimbal providing perfect stability and speed, the Hexo+ drone tracks and films you perfectly. Get superb quality aerial footage of yourself or your crew while biking, snowboarding, dancing, running parkour etc. Compatible with GoPro HERO3 and HERO4.

Beer Machine 2000 



The Beer Machine Company’s Beer Machine 2000 is nothing short of a revolution in home brewing, allowing you to easily brew high-quality craft beers in under half the time of traditional home brewers – a week! perfectly sized for conditioning beer in the fridge and comes with one Brewers Select premium beer mix, yeast, CO2 bulbs, a defoamer disk and a Brewers Guide to help get you started in time for some great homebrew for the next long weekend.

Bear Grillz ultimate tool 



When it comes with the seal of approval from intrepid survivalist Bear Grillz, you know it’s gonna be some serious hardware. The Bear Grylls Ultimate Tool is the definitive, and essential, multi-tool for any excursion. Compact and portable while retaining all the useful functions of much larger, less well-made alternatives, it is the pure attention to detail that truly sets this product aside.

RFID Blocking Wallet 



Proudly advertised as ‘more comfortable than aluminum foil in your pants’ the built-in Faraday cage blocks RFID transmissions protecting up to 6 credit cards, cash, ID & business cards from RFID scanners that could otherwise read your cards. Nevermind the stainless steel ones (who likes how those feel in your pocket?) this RFID Blocking Wallet is made of high-quality leather.

BBQ Branding Iron 



With a choice of 55 letters and 8 blanks, you can customise your food from the get go each time. Treat Dad to a succulent steak with a personal Father’s Day message on it, or better yet, wrap him up his own Branding Iron and let him brand his burgers and sign his bbq steaks however he likes.

Smartphone projector 



Ever wanted to project your favourite movie onto the wall while you’re snuggled up in bed? Or thought it would be cool to show your mates funny fail videos but sometimes there’s just too many of them to crowd around a small screen? Transform your living room into a homemade cinema with this projector which uses your smartphone to project video’s, movies, images or anything on your smartphone onto any flat surface!

Beard Oil




It’s a hip new age for beards and you don’t have to be a hipster to sport a well-oiled beard anymore. Wait – well-oiled beard? – Healthy beards require moisture and as they grow longer, the more natural oil they require. If a man’s beard fails to obtain adequate moisture he risks itch, coarse hairs, dry skin, and the unsightly southern cousin to dandruff, beardruff. Beard oil is the finest solution to prevent this from happening. There are many brands out there such as TreeRanger by BeardBrand which promises to “transform your beard in a fresh follicle forest.”




If you come from the kind of family where going home for long weekends, Thanksgiving just doing laundry always involves happy hour, surprise your dad with this cool gadget that combines ten bartending tools in one. With Bar10der, Dad can whip together the cocktails your family and friends love to enjoy but never thought you could recreate. Plus, the 10-in-1 compact design makes it simple to use, easy to store and simple to carry to the next bbq, tailgate or birthday party.

Pac-man Ghost Lamp 



With yesterday’s gamers not giving up the gaming ghost as the years went on, many dads today will be able to appreciate this new throwback to a boyhood pastime. This officially licensed Pac-man merchandise is the perfect gift for any gamer. It illuminates 16 different colours with various glowing options such as Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth and can all be controlled from the comfort of a lounge chair or bed via the included remote control.

Cammy Wireless Security Cameras 


Surprise! Ok, you might have seen this coming, but with many dads getting into the DIY WiFi and smart home game, what better than to wrap him up one of our wireless security cameras for Father’s day. Cammy’s indoor WiFi camera is your eyes, ears and voice when monitoring your house when you’re out, and the outdoor version keeps an eye on the property 24/7 so when he needs to know what happened, or what’s happening outside your house, he will. The Cammy app works on iOS, Android and via web browsers so Dad can keep an eye on his castle whenever and from wherever he wants.