10 Funniest Dogs Captured on Camera

10 Funniest Dogs Captured on Camera

Not only are dogs our best friends, but they are also a major source of hilarity- especially when caught on camera. While some are basking in the glory of the YouTube hall of viral fame, we think some might still have their tails between their legs

We have put together the top ten funniest dog videos to lighten up your day:

10. Tricked Into The Bath

It worked! Once. This dog catches on quickly and it probably won’t work again!

9. Cute Lab Slides Down Stairs

Stair-sliding is fun for all kids, but did you know puppies love it too? This one’s reaching expert level stair-sliding.


8. Doberman Loves To Ride Water Slide

Round and around she goes. This dog knows how to enjoy the dog days of summer.


7. Epic Pomeranian Sneeze 

Roux the Pomeranian and his epic hilarious sneeze have accumulated over 10 million views in just over a month!

6. Talking Husky’s Not Stupid

This talking husky has quite a fanbase. In this video we find out she’s pretty, she loves her human, and she’s not stupid. 


5. Dog vs Minion

Minion wins!

4. Fart-face 

Well that’s just nasty!

3. Dalmatian Rides a Bike

Because you don’t already attract enough attention just being a dalmatian.

2. Prison Break! 

How does he keep getting out? Time to use a cam and find out. Watch this while playing the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

1. How He Feels

Oh great, you just had to mention the cone, didn’t you. Well, there’s no questioning how he feels about it anymore, that’s for certain!

BONUS hilarious dogs compilation

Check out Dog Vines Greatest Hits with over 60 short funny dog videos. This 6-minute compilation of gigglesome dog clips from social video community Vine had me rolling with laughter.

Do you have a funny canine at home? Have you caught any side splitting moments of doggy hilarity with your Cammy wifi surveillance camera? Does your pooch smooch? Does your Collie folly? You’re invited to show us by linking your own funny dog video in the comments below.