10 Ways You Can Use Cammy

10 Ways You Can Use Cammy

This post will explore 10 ways you can use Cammy. Some of them are obvious; others not so much. Many of these ideas have been suggested by Cammy users. So here we go:

1. See that your kids arrive home safely from school


As a parent who works full time, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your kids have arrived home safely from school? In addition, once the kids are home, wouldn’t it be nice to monitor the front door for unsuspecting strangers (think door-to-door salesmen). Peace of mind knowing the kids are home and safe is so easy to do with Cammy. No phone calls needed.

2. Watch out for deliveries



If you’ve ever shopped online you know the anxiety around delivery. Most deliveries happen during office hours so unless you’re getting packages delivered to your office then those new shoes you bought online are being left on your doorstep when you’re not home.

Why not point a camera at your doorstep and see when your packages are delivered? You will get an alert as soon as someone enters the frame with the smart Cammy Alarm so no need to worry about theft either.

3. Take Cammy away on vacation



If you’re an existing user of Cammy you know the benefit of being able to monitor your home when you go away on vacation. But what about your holiday house? Did you know you can take Cammy with you? That’s the benefit of having multiple cameras. You can leave some cameras set-up at home and take 1-2 with you on vacation. Just make sure wherever you’re going has WiFi and access to the router to sync your camera.

4. Monitor your home and valuables



Did you know that burglars are 2.7x more likely to target homes without visible security systems?

Cammy outdoor cameras can not only help deter burglars, they can also help you monitor what matters most. Not sure where to place your cameras? Check out our blogpost.

In saying that, ensure you have all your bases covered with deadlocks.

5. Keep an eye on your office



Do you have important documents, personal valuables and/or confidential company information at work that you don’t want anyone accessing? This is perfect for open plan offices that aren’t exactly very secure. Your hidden camera will catch the office snoop and alert you immediately.

6. Monitor tradespeople


A few years ago my house was renovated by a builder who cut corners, lied about what he had done and claimed he was working when he wasn’t. If only I had the Cammy app then.

When it comes to tradespeople, you can see start and finish times and monitor their work. If a tradesperson is uncomfortable with this then they probably have something to hide. I know my builder did.

7. Check in/out Airbnb guests



A few years ago I was an Airbnb host. This involved having guests stay at my house short term for a fee. This requires putting a lot of faith into complete strangers and luckily all my guests were great people. But it only takes one bad apple to ruin the Airbnb experience for hosts.

While monitoring your home for suspicious activity is helpful, I used Cammy to check guests in and out. In my experience guests arrive at all sorts of times, usually when I couldn’t be home; leaving me no option but to leave keys out or rush home from work to check guests in.

With Cammy you can monitor the front entrance and see your guest arrive. At this point you can contact your guest and welcome them (right through the camera using 2 way audio, if you wish), let them know where the hidden key is and ensure they get into your property ok.

You can also monitor the no go zones of your house.

8. Monitor your pets


Ever wondered what your dog or cat gets up to when you’re not around? Want to check in and make sure Fido is safe and sound? Well you can with Cammy. Monitoring your pets is particularly handy if you have someone feed your pet when you’re away; you can confirm what time and how long the feeder stays for and ensure you pet is being looked after. The best part? Your pets will not trigger alarms!

9. Check on the kids


As a kid I used to climb onto the roof of the family house. Of course my parents didn’t approve of this risky activity but catching me in the act was difficult. Looking back I can understand how dangerous this was and the implications if I fell.

If you’re a parent, you would want to know if the kids are climbing the roof, if your toddler has accessed the pool area, or if your teenage son is lighting fires in the backyard (sorry mum). There are many things to consider when leaving your child home alone. With Cammy you can check on the kids without being everywhere at once.

10. Stay in bed



Imagine this. You’re laying in bed and you hear a suspicious noise outside. You can a) get out of bed, get dressed, grab a weapon and venture outside or you can b) open the Cammy app while you’re still tucked in bed and see a live view outside.

Of course the above scenario requires you to have an outdoor IP camera with night vision which is possible with Cammy. Our live view feature means you can see what’s going on in real time.

Remember, if you need help choosing an IP camera, we have the full specs available here. 

If you want to get started with Cammy, now is the time to do it. Act now to protect what matters most to you.

Did we miss a way to use Cammy? Leave it in the comments below

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