11 ways to upgrade your home for elderly family members

11 ways to upgrade your home for elderly family members

Making your home welcoming for all family members and visitors is easier than you think. As your loved ones start ageing, making changes and upgrades to your home can ensure a more enjoyable living area for them, and more peace of mind for you.

As we look at home safety upgrades, we want to share with you easy and affordable ways to keep older family members and visitors safe in your home.

Let’s first start with the main living area, the living room:

  1. Uneven carpet and slick surfaces can be hazardous for older family members with balance issues or mobility aids. To prevent falls consider short dense carpet. If you don’t have carpet, consider putting in slip resistant hardwood, tile or laminate flooring. 
  2. Rugs give a living room personality, but when on a hard surface they can make the walkway uneven. There are many home improvement stores that sell non-slip tape that is easy to install and won’t cause damage to your rugs and flooring. The Good Stuff Double Sided Tape is a great solution that guarantees no adhesive residue left behind. Reviewers love how it secures rugs indoors and outdoors, as well as how well it holds over time.

Moving to the next room, here’s how to upgrade the bathroom:

  1. Since it’s beneficial to have a bath mat in the bathroom to soak up the water after showering, try to use the double sided tape to secure them in place.
  1. Adding a shower bench is a safe way to give older family members independence while showering. You can install a built-in bench for a permanent solution, or purchase a portable bench that makes entering and exiting the shower easier. There are medical benches with back and arm support for those who need the assistance. If you have a shower with a tub you will want to upgrade it to a walk-in shower for easy access and room for a shower bench. 
  1. Upgrade to a handheld showerhead for convenience. Brands like Hydroluxe Full Chrome Showerhead are available for an affordable price and come with a 10-year warranty.

Next, we go to the bedroom:

  1. To keep older family members safe when getting in and out of bed, a bed rail can be used for extra support. There are many adult bed rails that give the assistance needed to avoid falling. It’s also a good idea to have nightlights leading to the bathroom, for when they need to take a trip in the middle of the night.

Now we need to cover stairways:

       7. To avoid stair-related falls, put grip mats on slippery surfaces for more stability. Make a clear path by installing lights under each step.

The kitchen can be dangerous if not equipped with the right safety measures:

  1. Install storage cabinet holders for pots and pans to be kept at a safe level for easy access. There are also timers and motion sensors that can be installed to turn the stove and oven on and off. 

Install indoor security cameras: 

  1. Security cameras can help you monitor the elderly to make sure they are safe.  

Keep an eye on your property:

  1. Stairs get much harder to navigate as you get older, so consider installing a ramp or handrails for outdoor stairs.
  2. Outdoor cameras are great for keeping an eye on the perimeter of your property.

Making these simple upgrades and adjustments will keep your home safe for older family members.