17 Best Reasons You Should Monitor Your Pet

17 Best Reasons You Should Monitor Your Pet

Whether your stash of catnip is disappearing at alarming rates, your parrot has started chirping dirty words you never use, your pet’s health is unstable or you’re just keen to feel closer to your fuzzy friends, there are many reasons why we want to monitor our pets.




You’re interested in what they do when you’re away, so you monitor their every sound and action without them knowing. Let’s hope they haven’t read Orwell.

Health & Safety



To know if your pet is facing a medical emergency so you can act now to help them instead of finding out about it when you get home.




Where does your little friend go when you aren’t there. Just like people often do, your pet may do things different when you’re away compared to when you’re home. Find out where they go while you’re out.

Food Supply 



Yours and theirs! Some dogs have learned to open the fridge. Find out if it’s the dog during the day or your mate at midnight causing food to magically disappear from the fridge. You can also monitor their eating habits to be sure they’re getting the food and water they need.

Observe Habits 



See potentially harmful or destructive habits your pet may engage in before they become ingrained behaviours. If your pet is growing fond of the taste of your table legs, or running shoes, find out so you can turn that habit around before it becomes a big problem.

Going Viral 



Catch a random funny scene that could make you and your pet a viral Youtube sensation. Many pet cams have recorded either hilarious activity by the pets or even burglars in the act.

Getting to Know Them.



Seeing their habits when you’re not home can help you understand them & relate more closely with them. Maybe you’re pet gets sad when you leave and doesn’t eat the food you set out just before leaving, instead crying by the door you left through. Knowing this, you could consider feeding them an hour before you leave and anything else that might help them feel better.

Improve training 



Another reason to observe their habit when you’re not there is so you can better train them by knowing them and their activity better, even though you aren’t home to see it in person.




To discover if they’re having a party while you’re out. When the cats away the mice will play as they say. If the wine bottles are all half empty when you get home, wouldn’t you like to know if it was your 15-year-old, or the dog?

To discover if you should take them to a Disney movie audition 



Find out if they talk like people when you’re not around – really though… what if your parrot is learning some words from the mailman with Tourettes?




So that other people can enjoy watching your pet – if you’re into live-streaming from inside your house you can share your pet’s time alone with the world online. As we know there really aren’t enough cat videos on the internet…

To hear any sounds of need or distress



– A good pet monitor will allow you to not only watch and see but listen and hear sounds from the house and pet. This can be critical in figuring out what’s going on as you observe the visual feed.

To communicate with your pet



If your monitor has 2-way sound you can not only hear, but also speak with your pet to soothe and comfort them while you’re away.

To Prove Something



You could use a pet monitor to determine if it’s your dog the neighbors are complaining about barking when you’re away all night and support your position with video evidence. If it’s yours, you’ll know you need to do something and if not, you can prove your case to the neighbors.

For Fun



To watch live video of your pet from anywhere. Why not? It can be relaxing and reassuring to know your pet is safe and sound at home. It could be entertaining too. Sometimes pets do pretty silly things.

Lost Things Go



Discover where all the missing socks are going so you can apologise to the washing machine & dryer once you find out it’s the pet that has been slinking off with the odd sock.




Just because you love your pet.

Start monitoring your pet today with a Cammy WiFi camera whether you’re simply in love with them or looking to make waves with a viral video of your pets funny or mischievous adventures while home alone. Cammy’s wireless cameras are your eyes, ears, and even your voice when you’re not home so you can not only see your pet, but even talk to them and let them know you’ll be home soon.