5 Burglaries Solved Thanks To Security Cameras

5 Burglaries Solved Thanks To Security Cameras

If you were to ask convicted burglars about what would most deter them from burglarising a home, you’d find that the presence of security cameras takes a top spot on the list. That’s exactly what a study at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte did, examining hundreds of convicted offenders to gain an unprecedented look inside the mind of a burglar.

According to the study, approximately 83% of burglars considered the presence of deterrents such as alarms, outdoor cameras and other surveillance equipment when choosing a potential residential or commercial target.

Here are a few burglaries that were solved thanks to the presence of security cameras.

Front Door Surveillance Busts Thief

Martin Horak can watch security footage from his home, including his front door, live on his mobile. That’s how he knew a UPS package had been dropped at his door, even though he wasn’t home.

When he got home to find there was no package at the door, he checked the camera footage again. He saw that a woman who had driven past as the UPS man delivered the package, returned and stopped in front of his house. In broad daylight she strolled up to his front door, scooped the package and left!

Because of the video, police quickly identified the suspect; someone who could now face serious charges for what was, in this case, just a box of duct tape.


Brian Pantoja was busted thanks to a homeowner’s crystal-clear wi-fi security camera video. After deciding to take action due to a series of unsolved burglaries in her area, the homeowner set up a motion-sensing wi-fi camera that sends clips to her mobile.

In the video, you can see the suspect breaks in through a bedroom window and then use the victim’s own bag to clear out her jewellery and sunglasses out of her drawers.

He’s casually chatting on his mobile during the whole burglary and can even be heard saying things like “just relax, just relax,” to an assumed accomplice.

The video is so clear police immediately recognised the suspect and arrested him!

Bold But Busted!

Two bold burglars broke into a home in broad daylight, but they didn’t know the homeowner could see their every move and had proof they were inside her home thanks to her indoor security cameras.

The homeowner’s security cameras sent an alert to her phone, and then started sending picture after picture. Images were immediately sent to the police, who later apprehended the burglars.

A neighbour who remarked that it’s uncommon to have burglaries in their community added, “kinda makes me want to go get me some surveillance cameras, you know, because the way things are now you have to be proactive”.

Watch this video here.

Imprisoned After Caught On Camera

Two burglars who initially broke a window to steal a bag that was within reach returned to let themselves in the house while the homeowner, and family, slept.

What the would-be burglars didn’t know is that an outdoor security camera was recording their every move and got pretty clear footage of their faces despite both were wearing hoodies.

Police easily identified both suspects based on the security camera footage and both are now doing time for this and other burglaries that authorities connected them to!

Told Ya So

After being burglarised once, Jeanne Thomas was told by her husband that spending money on a video surveillance system for their home was a stupid idea and a waste of money. Jeanne still made the decision to purchase a wi-fi camera setup.

Jeanne has animals at home, including rabbits, birds, a cat and two dogs; so she didn’t activate the motion sensing features of her security cameras, but her home computer was constantly recording the video and, whenever she felt like it, she could log on from work and see a live feed of her home right on her laptop.

One day, at work, she felt like checking her cameras and observed a man standing in her living room. She phoned 911 and narrated what she was seeing while police swooped in and apprehended two men on the spot.

How did her husband feel after that? “He’s changed his mind now. He thought that was probably one of the smartest things I did”, Jeanne proudly shared.

Watch this video here.

Studies have shown that roughly 25 percent of burglars said they cut telephone or alarm wires before they broke into a home. With no wires to cut, setting up a wifi camera home security system is much less likely to be compromised by burglars.

If you haven’t already, consider exploring the benefits of a wireless home security system and take a look at our line of systems. Cammy wifi cameras include the ability to record and send clips to your mobile device as well as allowing you to transmit your voice to either scare of intruders, sooth your pets who are home alone, or say ‘hi’ to the kids before you return home from work.