5 Real Life Christmas Grinches

5 Real Life Christmas Grinches

We all know the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas – a grouchy, green creature tries to put an end to Christmas by stealing all the Christmas cheer. While this is a fictional story there has been some real-life grinches stealing the Christmas cheer this year.

1. Grinches steal great grandmothers Christmas money

An 81-year-old great-grandmother was out for dinner with family members after getting the devastating news that she had inoperable cancer. When she got home from the dinner she found that her house had been broken into by thieves and that the intruders had stolen the money she had been saving for Christmas presents.

When she had gotten over the shock of what had happened she decided to write the thief an open letter as shown above. She hopes that the person who did realises what a horrible thing they did and hands themselves in.

In the letter, she says: “Thanks for making this week one of the worst weeks of my life.” “You stole my Christmas money, vandalised my rooms and broke my doors, I am 81-years of age and live on my own and you have stolen my confidence and my trust in people…I hope you have some conscience and one day feel some regret for what you’ve done.”

A police investigation is underway and they hope to find the real-life grinch who stole this great grandmother’s Christmas money.

2. Grinch steals Christmas decorations from family’s front yard

Thanks to security cameras this real-life grinch was caught on camera stealing all of the Christmas decorations out of the front yard of this Melbourne home.

The homeowner was in shock and said that she did not expect to see someone stuffing their bags with the Christmas decorations from her front yard. She said that her son was the first to notice that the decorations were gone and was very upset about it and crying.

She hopes that by sharing the footage someone will recognise this real-life grinch and her Christmas decorations can be returned.

3. Grinches steal donated Christmas gifts

These real life Christmas grinches did the unthinkable when they stole Christmas gifts that had been donated for needy children.

The thieves were caught on security camera breaking into the warehouse where the gifts were kept and were then seen stealing bicycles and other donated items.

Thankfully, police were able to recover some of the bikes as the thieves had left them by nearby train tracks. Other stolen items are still to be recovered, but thanks to more donations from the community none of the 1,300 children on the list will go without a gift.

4. Grinch caught on camera stealing Christmas gifts

Christmas is soon approaching and people are getting into the Christmas spirit and putting up decorations, but this neighbourhood has a real-life Christmas grinch on the loose.

Jason Ward came home last week to find that all of his Christmas lights and decorations had been stolen. The whole thing was caught on Ward’s security cameras.

“I went to work one morning, came home then realised my lights were gone,” said Ward. Ward was just trying to festive and wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to the neighbourhood. “Christmas is about giving not stealing.”

The footage was shared on Facebook and has many people talking, hopefully, they will be able to catch the real-life Christmas grinch soon.

5. Grinch steals children’s Christmas presents from front porch

A mother is furious after her security cameras captured a woman stealing packages right from her porch that contained her children’s Christmas gifts.

Tammie Walker and her husband spent hours on Amazon trying to pick out the perfect toys for their 1-year-old and 3-year-old. On Thursday, she received notification that the packages had arrived, but when she returned home from work they were not on the front porch.

When Walker checked out her security cameras, she saw a woman take the packages right from the porch. “We work hard for our money and try to provide a decent living for our kids and to have someone come to our house, steal our packages and violate us, it just really infuriates me,” Walker said.

The worst part about it is some of the toys she ordered for her kids are now sold out. “Those gifts were purchased for my children out of love and just out of me wanting to do something special for our kids and to have someone just come steal them is really sad,” Walker said.

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