6 easy ways to design your home to keep burglars away

6 easy ways to design your home to keep burglars away

With the changing seasons, it’s a great time to refresh your home indoor and outdoor. 

Every season brings a new trend for home design. Whether you are changing the living room colours, buying a new rug for the bedroom or setting up a new home security system, there are ways to design your home to make it safe. Let’s take a look at the top 6 design concepts for protecting your home from burglars this year.

1. Guarding for Safety

Let’s start in the front yard, your first line of defence. Some homes come equipped with tall fences and plants to keep intruders out. Our advice, trim the trees and hedges and take that large fence down now! These sound like a great idea for your privacy, however low hanging trees, and large fences are the perfect hiding spots for someone trying to break in. Keeping a well-maintained yard and making sure your home is occupied at all times will eliminate any spots for burglars to hide.

2. Planting for Protection

Now we get to the front of your house. We said that tall unmaintained shrubs are a no-no, but there are plenty of beautiful plants that will keep burglars far away from your windows and doors. Think about putting in short plants that are prickly and pointy such as Roses, Oregon grape holly, Mahonia aquifolium etc. Keep these plants at a height so they are under your windows, easy to maintain and don’t allow burglars to hide behind.

3. Lighting for Defense 

Now we head to the entire perimeter of your home and yard. What better way to catch a burglar in the act by shedding light directly upon them. Having motion sensors around the perimeter of your home will ensure no one can creep around in the dark. Not only will this scare burglars away, it will help keep you safe when you get home at night and are fumbling for the right key to open your door. Now that the outdoors are taken care of, let’s head indoors.

Burglars will go after homes that look unoccupied. Putting light timers in your home to turn on and off the lights will make it look as though you are there and therefore less of a target. Try mimicking your normal routine with the light timers. When the lights go off downstairs, have the timer upstairs go on. With around 72% of homes burgled when nobody’s home, it’s important to be off the radar by making it look occupied.

4. Arranging for Assurance

Now we’re indoors and have some rearranging to do. Have you ever thought how the placement of your furniture can give a burglar the upper hand? Is your table in the basement up against a wall making it ideal for someone to enter through the window? Keep your furniture away from windows on the bottom floor. Or use your furniture to block upstairs rooms you don’t want people looking into.

5. Privacy for your Well-being 

The easiest way for a burglar to enter your home is through a window or door. Keep windows and doors closed, especially when you are not present. Use your blinds and curtains to your advantage. Keep your home secure by closing the blinds or curtains so looky-loos can’t see you or what valuables you have inside.

6. Monitoring for Peace of mind

Having a monitoring system for your home is key. Using these basic design concepts can prevent burglars from getting near your home, but having a camera based security system will always give you peace of mind. With the latest technology of human detection, monitoring your home has never been so simple. You are now able to view live footage, set alarms remotely and view a timeline of all events recorded straight from your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

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