6 First Time Homebuyer Tips

6 First Time Homebuyer Tips

So you just bought your first home and you’re wondering how you can protect your investment?

Start by changing the locks on all your doors. Who had keys to your home before you got there? Stop by any local home improvement store for new locks and keys to either install them yourself or hire a locksmith at an hourly rate.

Check the plumbing around your new home. Sometimes home inspectors miss potential plumbing issues. Keep an eye out for the first few months to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Small leaks get bigger and as they do you will see an increase in your bill.

Steam cleaning the carpet is important if you are not planning on putting new carpet in immediately. You will want to kill any bacteria left by the previous owners. It will also make your new home smell great! Do this before you bring your furniture in, so you know you have not missed a spot!

You never know what could be hiding in the cabinets. There have been stories of homeowners finding rat droppings or dead bugs in their cabinets. Before you put away your clean plates and cups, make sure to do a deep cleaning in each cabinet and don’t forget the pantry. If you do find rat droppings we suggest you call the local pest control company ASAP.

Since we brought it up, check for any bugs or rodents before you move your family into your new home. You will need to do an inspection in each room as well as the attic and basement if you have one! There are DIY ways to get rid of bugs or rodents, but if you would rather leave it up to a pro it will only cost you around $100-$300 on average.

Since you are unfamiliar with the home electrical wiring, it would be a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the location of the breaker box. Don’t forget about the main water valve. If there is a leak in the house or on your outside property it’s important to know how to shut off the entire water supply.

You know a home inspector went around to review the entire home, but if they went too fast during their inspection they might have missed something potentially dangerous. Make sure you review your inspection report and do an inspection yourself! You can’t be too careful when it comes to the biggest investment you have!


Gather together a home kit for any emergencies. You can keep a kit in a central place in your new home. Also, consider how you set up the furniture in each room to make it easier to get out in if there is an emergency.  Make sure you review your cities emergency routes and have a plan for you and your family.

Install a complete home security system to protect your new investment. Did you know only a shocking 17% of homeowners have a security system in place? If you are part of the 83% of homes not protected, and with a burglary occurring every 15 seconds, you could be next. A reliable camera-based security system will detect human motion will alert you via an easily viewable smartphone app. 

Did we miss any tips for first home buyers? Let us know in the comments below