7 Reasons Why You Need Security Cameras In Your Holiday Home

7 Reasons Why You Need Security Cameras In Your Holiday Home

  1. An empty house is an invitation

Or at least that’s how a burglar might see it! We go to great lengths to ensure that our regular home looks occupied and is well protected when we go away, but holiday homes are often standing empty for very long periods of time. Another factor is that many holiday homes tend to be out of town and therefore out of the way of potential witnesses, making them even more susceptible to burglary.

Leaving a holiday home without security measures might actually be riskier than not having them in the place you spend most of your time.

  1. Don’t miss out when you aren’t on holiday

Does your holiday home have stunning views? Does it attract unusual wildlife? Motion sensor cameras can capture that wild deer sneaking into your garden and you can also sneak a peek at that stunning sunset as you build anticipation for your next getaway. Maybe you want to rent or loan out your holiday home to friends and family? What better way to show them around than from live footage streamed from your security cameras?

  1. Keeping up appearances

Looking after a second home from a distance can be a challenge. How do you know if that old pipework has finally sprung a leak? You see a severe weather warning and want to check that your house hasn’t ended up flattening a witch somewhere over the rainbow. More likely, you just want to see if the garden is overgrown and needs a bit of attention. Whatever it is, you can easily check in on your second home at the touch of a button if you have the right security system installed.

  1. Keep tabs on contractors

Is someone supposed to be carrying out renovation works, checking your property, tending the garden, managing rentals? While you need to be very careful about spying on people privately and where you place your cameras from a legal (and pretty obviously ethical) standpoint, if you have commissioned someone to rebuild your holiday home’s garden wall and want to know it is being done, you can check in without flying across continents to be there in person.

Just check on the legalities relating to your second home’s location before you get carried away with anything too 007.

  1. Helps back up insurance claims

You might not keep as many valuables in your holiday home as you do at your regular homestead, but electrical items -and even some items you consider less valuable- can be very tempting in certain parts of the world. Having good quality, clear video evidence can not only help local police secure a conviction, but can also help your insurance company come to a quick and favourable decision.

  1. Act as a deterrent

While hidden cameras are best for catching an intruder in the act, external cameras that are visible can also act as a deterrent. You can even consider dummy cameras, as long as they look convincing, along with your hidden cameras. It may not put off the more hardened criminals, but if it stops an opportunist in their tracks before they damage your property, then all the better for you.

  1. Spot uninvited ‘tenants’

Depending on where your holiday home is, it could be a target for squatters. If it is seen standing empty for a long period of time, you may find yourself with a houseful of guests who have assumed your property is abandoned and have decided to make themselves comfortable. Motion detection alerts will tell you as soon as a person is in range of your security cameras so no matter the intruder’s intentions, you can deal with it swiftly from anywhere in the world.

While many of the reasons above are just as true of your main residence, the value of security cameras in your second home could actually be higher. It stands there expectantly awaiting your next visit and could be a sitting target for intruders or could be crying out for a little TLC.