3 Airline Safety Pro Tips

3 Airline Safety Pro Tips

Flying… some love the experience and others dislike it. Some are downright afraid of stepping foot on a plane. Whatever your stance, sometimes flying is necessary. Follow the airline safety tips below to ensure a more pleasant and relaxed experience.

Turn on Airplane mode on all devices



Have you ever wondered what will happen if you don’t use airplane mode during the flight? Perhaps you’ve done it and have seen no ill consequences.

It’s true, it’s highly unlikely that your phone will contribute to a plane crash, but it does cause interference. According to an article on How To Geek, a switched on phone can be heard by pilots through their headsets! The noise is described as that loud buzzing sound similar to one which can be heard when receiving an incoming call near a speaker.

Now imagine this multiplied by x50 (50 passengers don’t turn off their signal)! It’s unlikely to cause a plane crash but do you really want to annoy the people keeping you safe in the air for the duration of the flight?

Listen to the Airline’s emergency/safety procedures

Airline safety procedures…yes, they’re boring and repetitive but these instructions can save your life! The evacuation procedures differ between airlines and airplanes. In emergency situations, statistics show that those who follow the procedures are 10 times more likely to survive a crash.

Some airlines are even trying to make the instructions entertaining like the video above!

If you’re a frequent flyer, it’s likely that you have experienced worrying turbulence. Keeping your seatbelt buckled when instructed ensures your safety onboard the flight. The benefits of following airline safety advice really outweighs the downsides.

Be Prepared



Pack some small necessities into your carry on for emergencies. This can include a flashlight, smoke hood and even paracetamol!

Always carry your passport even in domestic flights as in emergency cases flights may be deviated to international airports. Same goes for your International Vaccination Certificate (yellow book). A change of clothes is also a great idea in case of emergency landings or lost luggage.

Always check with the airline for prohibited items; there’s nothing worse than having to discard an item at customs or being rejected from entering a country for failing to adhere to the rules.

Remember to follow the flight attendants instructions, even if they seem excessive or inconvenient. You are on the flight temporarily and will be able to resume your comforts once you land. Enjoy your next flight!

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