Barangaroo – The Future of Sydney (Time Lapse)

Barangaroo – The Future of Sydney (Time Lapse)

Located at the Western Edge of Sydney is Barangaroo, the largest re-development project of the century. This $6 billion dollar investment will showcase how city populations can live sustainably. This new district will be broken up into three sections, the “Headland Park”, “Barangaroo South” and the heart of the development “Central Barangaroo”.

Upon completion, the district will feature six hectares of new highland park, commercial and residential towers and public waterfront walks all serviced by new/extended transport systems.

The Headland Park promises to be the definition of modern relaxation. With harbour views, parks, and planned “foreshore walk” which will span the length of the site, extending on to Welsh Bay and Darling Harbour.

Residential and commercial towers will be located in Barangaroo South with new public transport services planned in the area. Central Barangaroo has been labelled as “the home for creativity and innovation”. This will be a hub for recreation, events and entertainment.

The development is scheduled to be completed in the next 10 to 20 years. Ideas and plans are still being gathered and debated. Upon completion, the attraction is predicted to generate 1.5 billion AUD in NSW annually.

See the amazing “One day in one minute” time lapse recorded using Cammy.