Benefits of having security cameras in your business

Benefits of having security cameras in your business

Running a business is not easy and unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once. But what if I told you there was a way for you to keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are? The solution is security cameras.

Security cameras can not only help you in the day to day running of your business. Here are the benefits of having security cameras in your business:

1. Prevent Employee Theft

When hiring someone we know you take extra care to ensure that they are trustworthy, reliable and the right person for the job, so it’s hard to believe that your employees would ever steal from your business. But it does happen. From 2015-2016 in the UK there was 10,717 reports of employee theft.

While we hope that none of your employees ever steal from you, one of the best ways to catch the thief in the act is with security cameras. Security cameras give you the proof you need to fire the thieving employee and can also be used as evidence in court. Read more about how to prevent employee theft.

2. Reduce Insurance Costs

One of the many benefits of having security cameras in your business is that it can save you money. Many insurance providers can offer discount rates if you have security cameras in your business. Having reliable security cameras in your business is a good way to keep your insurance premiums down. It also lets your insurance provider know that you are serious about protecting your business and taking the necessary steps to protect your business from theft.

3. Monitor Your Employees

Are your employees actually working when you’re not there? It’s hard to monitor workflow and what is going on in your business when you can’t always be there. With security cameras you can keep an eye on what’s happening in your business even when you’re not there.

Many cameras allow you to monitor them remotely from a smartphone which means you can check up on your business from anywhere and see what’s happening in real time. You can find out how your employees behave when you’re not around e.g. if they’re working hard or if they’re slacking off, you can find ways to boost efficiency etc.

4. Ensure a Safer Workplace

As well as protecting your business with security cameras it’s also important to use them to protect your employees. Having security cameras in place at your business can help prevent and discourage inappropriate behaviour such as harassment.

Employees are less likely to act inappropriately towards other staff if they know they are being watched on security cameras. You will also have evidence of any incidents that occur for any complaints that are filed.

5. Reduce Theft

Having security cameras inside and outside your business is a great way to help deter crime and theft. According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses $50,000 per year from theft.

Security cameras outside your business is off-putting to any potential thieves as they don’t want to be caught. Meanwhile, security cameras inside your business allow you to have record footage to use as evidence in the event of theft.

6. See what’s happening in your business

Another benefit of having security cameras in your business is that it allows you to see what’s happening in your business when you’re not there. You can monitor the cash register, private areas as well as all the comings and goings of your business. Some security camera software even allows you to set person-detected alerts so you can receive a notification if someone is detected in an area where they are not supposed to be.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a security camera for your business, consider Cammy. Cammy allows you to monitor your business from anywhere, anytime right from your smartphone.

You can keep an eye on your employees with Live View and if an intruder was to break into your business, Cammy will notify you right away. It’s simple and effective way to secure your business.

For more information about how Cammy can help protect your business check out our website.

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