Best Outdoor Security Lights

Best Outdoor Security Lights

Burglars love the cover of darkness…so ‘let there be light’ in the dark areas of your home to deter burglars from setting foot on your property.

According to a study of over 400 burglars, outdoor security lights are one of the most effective burglar deterrents after the presence of alarms and outdoor security cameras.

Not only that, businesses with increased lighting reported lower burglary rates, making outdoor security lights one of the most cost-effective security measures.

Without further ado, here are the best outdoor security lights to help you illuminate entryways, driveways, gardens and even the perimeter of your home:

7. Mr Beams MB393 Wireless Outdoor Security Lights (3 pack)

Mr Beams MB393 is a set of three battery powered Mr Beams MB390 spotlights. They use ultra-bright LEDs (300 lumens) with minimum power consumption (60 watts), making them one of the brightest wireless outdoor security lights on the market.

Not only that, they have built-in motion sensors that turn the lights on and off automatically when motion is detected. Weatherproof, durable and easy to install, the only downside is the limited 30 hour battery life which supposedly lasts 1 year with 8-10 light activation’s per day.

Light range: up to 400 square feet or 37 square metres

Motion detection range: 25 feet or 7.62 metres

6. Fulcrum Light It 20031-101 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Light

Fulcrum Light It 20031-101 can be used as both an indoor or outdoor security light. While it isn’t the brightest wireless security light on the market at 100 lumens, it’s weatherproof and features a built-in motion sensor for automatic illumination at night.

Also, the 6 LED head can be rotated to point the beam in whichever direction you desire to detect motion from various angles.

Light range: Up to 90 square feet or 8.36 square metres

Motion detection range: 25 feet or 7.62 metres at an angle of 100 degrees

5. Heath/Zenith HZ-4133-OR Decorative Outdoor Security Light

Feeling a bit fancy or simply hate the look of traditional outdoor security lights? Fret no more, the Heath/Zenith HZ-4133-OR Shaker Cove Mission-style lantern light has got you covered.

Stylish, sophisticated and packed with features like superior motion detection to minimise false light activation’s, bright 60 watt incandescent lighting and different illumination modes, this weather resistant wonder is hard to beat.

Light range: Varies depending on how you mount it

Motion detection range: 30 feet or 9.14 metres at an angle of 150 degrees

4. URPOWER Outdoor Security Light (Only Available in the US)

The URPOWER solar powered 8 LED outdoor security light is perfect for patios, decks, yards, gardens, entryways and driveways. It’s easy to install, wireless and has a built-in motion sensor that activates a bright light if motion is detected.

This waterproof and heatproof security light harnesses the power of the sun to protect your home. It only takes 5-6 hours to fully charge up and boasts a solar panel life span of 5 years or 50,000 hours!

However, the URPOWER security light can’t be manually switched on or off. It can only be used on ‘Bright’ mode or ‘Off’ mode and there’s no option to dim it either.

Light range: Up to 120 square feet or 11.15 square metres

Motion detection range: 10 feet or 3 metres at an angle of 120 degrees

3. Sunforce Solar Powered Outdoor Security Light

Blinded by the light…that phrase might have been coined while looking at this outdoor security light. With 80 LEDs at 900 lumens, the Sunforce security light is not messing around.

Fully weatherproof, solar powered and equipped with motion sensor technology, the Sunforce security light automatically activates if motion is detected. It can also be customised to determine the duration of light once motion is detected (30, 60 or 120 seconds) and range of motion detection (low, medium or high).

Light range: Varies depending on how you mount it

Motion detection range: 30 feet or 9.14 metres at an angle of 180 degrees

2. MAXSA Innovations 40218 Security Spotlight

The dual head of the MAXSA Innovations 40218 security spotlight lets you cover two areas at once – talk about killing two birds with one stone!

With 4 LEDs at 160 lumens, this outdoor security light has a wide illumination range and is bright for solar standards. It also features easy DIY installation and a large motion detection range. The settings are fully adjustable too, you can set the time each light activation’s stays on for (10 seconds to 4 minutes), motion detection range (10 – 40 feet/3 – 12.2 metres) and lux (amount of darkness required to activate the motion sensor).

Light range: Varies depending on how you mount it but supposedly up to 350 square feet or 32.5 square metres

Motion detection range: Up to 40 feet or 12.2 metres at an angle of 180 degrees

1. RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth Outdoor Security Light

The RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth tops the list of best outdoor security lights of 2016.

It features not one, but two motion sensors. One sensor scans for motion up to 60 feet or 18.3 metres away and the other sensor looks all around including underneath the light fixture. On top of that, the face of the sensors have three red LEDs scanning at all times to further deter burglars.

The motion sensors are also protected from radio frequency interference and have advanced logic to help minimise false triggers. The only downside is the price – it’s one of the most expensive outdoor security lights on this list but for good reasons.

Light range: Varies depending on how you mount it

Motion detection range: 60 feet or 18.3 metres at an angle of 180 degrees (motion sensor 1), 10-15 feet or 4.5 metres at an angle of 360 degrees (motion sensor 2)

When considering home and business security, it is essential to install one of the outdoor security lights on this list to discourage burglars from setting foot on your property.

Burglars hate being seen and these security lights can not only scare them away but can also make it easier for your outdoor security cameras to capture their face.