Best Pet Cams of 2016

Best Pet Cams of 2016

Ever wonder what your pet gets up to while you’re away? You might be surprised by the results. Watch the video below to see what this dog does while his owner is away.

Without further ado, the best pet cams on the market!


Long renown for its remote treating capabilities, the Petzi has a fanbase of loyal users. The device mounts on a wall or attaches to furniture and allows you to check into a live feed of your pet from anywhere in the world. The app even allows you to set up a profile for your pet and share photos with the community.


PetChatz is a unique device that allows your pet to call you! The camera system mounts on a wall and dispenses treats at the tap of a button.  A small, glowing paw shaped button is placed on the floor underneath the camera; your pet can press this when they want to get in touch. An SMS will be sent to your phone letting you know your pet wants some love!


Pawbo is an all in one pet cam, treat dispenser and remote pet game controller. Once set up, the app sends you scheduled reminders to check in on your pet. With the tap of a button you can release treats, play with you pet by controlling a laser or even attach remote accessories such as a ball. All footage is stored in the cloud and easily shareable on FB and Instagram.


The Petcube offers similar capabilities to Pawbo but comes with a wide angle HD camera. This system has a stronger focus on video audio interaction, storing your footage in the cloud for easy sharing. Like Petzi, it offers an online community for pet lovers and comes with a built in laser game.


Cammy is an app based home security system that doubles as a pet cam. Offering 2 way video and audio feed, the system is designed with pet owners in mind. Like the other solutions, you can connect with you pet anywhere, anytime but offers the added advantage of alerting you if an intruder approaches. This system will not only allow you to connect with your pet, it will also protect your home and any pets inside.

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