This burglar didn’t think anyone was watching

This burglar didn’t think anyone was watching

Imagine being able to stop a burglary in your home before it happens. That’s just one of the benefits of Cammy, as one of our UK customers found out recently. 

It’s not the first time we have helped our customers stop burglars, stalkers or made it easy for Police to catch criminalsWith a burglary or an attempted burglary happening every 40 seconds in the UK, it’s important to protect your home from any potential intruders.

Enter Mr Goodwin…

It was 1:30pm on the 5th of November when I got an alert on my phone from the Cammy app. I opened up the app immediately and I could clearly see that there was an intruder in our garden. 


We could clearly see on the Cammy app that the intruder had climbed up our brick wall to get into the garden and was trying to break in through the back door. My wife called the police straight away.

In the past, we have had a lot of trouble with intruders. This particular event was the fourth time this had happened and the fourth time that Cammy had caught an intruder in our backyard.


The police turned up within three minutes of the call. Unfortunately, the intruder had taken off as soon as he knew we were aware of his presence on our property.

Thanks to Cammy the police were able to get a really good description and a picture of the culprit and began a search of the area. Sadly, they were not able to find him.


Even though they were not able to find the culprit the fact still remains that Cammy once again saved the day and stopped an intruder from entering my home. 

My wife and I are so grateful to Cammy, I would hate to think what would’ve happened if Cammy hadn’t alerted us of the intruder. We might not have even known they were in our backyard, they could’ve broken in and stolen all our things, or even worse have tried to attack me and my wife when he realised that we were at home.

Cammy is an exceptional tool in helping to deter intruders. I am very pleased and impressed with the cameras and the app.

We initially got Cammy because I work nights and my wife is often alone at the house. It puts her at ease knowing that Cammy is keeping an eye on our home. I have been a Cammy customer for over a year now and it has proved very useful, it is worth every cent that I pay for it.  

My neighbour and my niece now have Cammy as well after seeing how much success I have had with it.

So thank you, Cammy, for making my wife and I feel more at ease and protecting our home from intruders.

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