Top 10 Burglar Fails 2016

Top 10 Burglar Fails 2016

Each new year brings a ton of fail videos but none are as satisfying as watching a burglar fail at their own game! Most burglars aren’t known for their intelligence but the examples below clearly didn’t pass 10th grade! Have a laugh at the expense of those that more than deserve it.

Burglar Fail 1: Instant Karma

This burglar really fell into this one…get it? He got exactly what he deserved and went home empty handed.

Burglar Fail 2: Nice Try

Why he came back after this embarrassing attempt is a mystery.

Burglar Fail 3: You throw like a girl

Car windows are made with thick glass for this very reason.

Burglar Fail 4: Break A Leg

He had no choice but to walk away in shame…

Burglar Fail 5: Watch your Step

Another great case of instant karma.

Burglar Fail 6: Smooth Criminal

Coming through the roof is never a good idea.

Burglar Fail 7: No Words

This burglar clearly didn’t think this through…

Burglar Fail 8: KO! Fatality

Not once but twice!

Burglar Fail 9: Wrong Door

This burglar has trouble telling left from right…

Burglar Fail 10: 6th Time Lucky

He should have opted for a 24/7 liquor store instead.

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