6 Most Popular Ways Burglars Access Your Home

6 Most Popular Ways Burglars Access Your Home

Would you like to know the different ways that burglars access your home? In this post we countdown the six most popular ways. It’s time to think like a burglar. Here we go:

6. Second Floor Entrances



Arguably the most difficult entrances to access are second-floor entrances. They are high up, steep and slippery to get to which counts out a lot of unfit burglars. But before you leave your second-floor windows open,┬áconsider the “cat burglar.” And yes, cat burglars do exist. And no, they don’t wear black lycra like in the movies.

Cat burglars will often case your property before they break in, often during daylight hours. Then under the cover of night, they strike!

5. Basement


Basements make for good access because a burglar knows the basement is likely to be unoccupied. It’s also dangerous because basements are often full of tools and equipment that a burglar can use against you. Given that basements are dark we recommend using a night vision camera. That way if you do hear a noise, you can immediately check your phone to investigate without going down there.

4. Other First Floor Entrances


Other first floor entrances can include things like the laundry door on the side of the house. In fact any entrances on the side of your house are places to watch.

3. Garage



Like the basement, garages are often unoccupied so they make for easier access (a burglar can afford to be louder). The problem with garages is you can be home but unaware that a burglar has broken in. That’s scary!

2. Back Door



Coming in at number two is the backdoor. Burglars don’t like an audience watching from the street so your backdoor is an enticing target. If you don’t have a guard dog (or even if you do), sensor lights can be effective in deterring a backdoor bandit. Of course sensor lights are only good at night, that’s why you need a camera.

1. First Floor Windows


The number one way burglars access your house is through your first-floor windows. We’re not sure why. Windows involve breaking the glass and crawling through a narrow opening only to end up in a bedroom or main living room (it’s a lottery for the burglar). But then burglars are not that smart.

We recommend putting a camera on your windowsill pointing outwards. Not only will the camera capture footage of the burglar but seeing a camera in the window is a big deterrent.