Why These Burglars Called 911

Why These Burglars Called 911

Would you believe that some burglars actually call an emergency 911 operator while THEY are breaking into someone’s house?

It’s true! And, no, it’s not because they suddenly got an attack of good conscience.

They did it because the tables were turned on them and they suddenly realized that they themselves were in danger of being the victim. 

Case 1: Burglar under the gun

When Christopher Lance Moore broke into a house in Springtown, Texas, he got a lot more than he bargained for. Unfortunately for him, house owner James Gerow woke up, grabbed his gun, and chased Moore outside.

The intruder made it to his pick-up truck outside, but Gerow demanded his keys and held him at gunpoint. Worried that matters could get even worse for him, Moore made a call to 911:

“I’m out in the country somewhere,” said Moore to the 911 operator. “Some guy’s got a gun on me. He’s going to come shoot me.” (Listen to the call on CBSDFW.com.)

But Gerow kept his cool until police arrived. They then arrested Moore and charged him with burglary.

Case 2: Showering intruder can’t make a clean getaway

If a burglar broke into my home, I assume he would go after my cash or electronics. But my shampoo? That I would not expect!

It was a different story for Portland, Oregon resident Hilary Mackenzie, who came home one evening to find her shower occupied by a stranger.

According to ABC News, the intruder, 24-year old Timothy James Chapek, locked himself in the bathroom when he heard Mackenzie enter the house.

He then called 911, admitting to the operator that he’d broken into the house and the owner had arrived—he was afraid she might have a gun.

Mackenzie stood outside the bathroom door, asking him why he was taking a shower in her house. Chapek made up a story about being kidnapped and left there. Mackenzie called 911 herself and soon the police arrived to take away the peculiar intruder.

Shower or no shower, try washing off that embarrassment!

Case 3: The bragging burglars

Just last year, Aaron Burrell, Marvin Myers, and Yvonne Thyberg of New Mexico were so proud of their successful theft of a TV set, they couldn’t stop talking about their crime as they drove away from the scene.

Too bad one of them had accidentally pocket-dialed 911 during the brag session. Capital OTC reported that 911 dispatchers listened in on their conversation for nearly 45 minutes.

“I know we should have gotten a lot more, but you know what, my only thing is that we got away safe,” one of the burglary suspects said, oblivious to the fact that the authorities were getting all the information needed to make a quick arrest. 

You really can’t make up this kind of stupidity.

Case 4: Burglar calls for help after getting shot

Call it a “job-related” injury. According to the Toledo Blade, 21-year old Randy Estrada called 911 in the wee hours of the morning, claiming he’d been shot on the road.

But it was no coincidence that Estrada’s call came right around the same time as one from Antione Garrett, who had just fired several times at a man who had broken into his home through a downstairs window.

Fortunately for Estrada, his injuries were not life-threatening, but he was probably none too happy about having to go straight from the hospital to court.


As you can see, there are a lot of bumbling burglars out there – criminal masterminds they are not.

Whether being shot, trapped, held at gunpoint, or just accidentally hitting the wrong button on their phones, these none-too-smart intruders essentially turned themselves in by calling the emergency 911 number.