The Burglar’s Most Wanted Valuables

The Burglar’s Most Wanted Valuables

Most people think burglars break in and grab anything of value they find before running out the door. Statistics indicate that this is far from the truth! An average burglary lasts anywhere been 5-15 minutes. In this time burglars aim for specific things that will get them the highest financial return on the black market for their troubles.

Here are the burglar’s most wanted valuables:

1. Cash

One of the burglar’s most wanted valuables as they don’t need to go through a middle man or sell the item before they reap the rewards. A staggering amount of people leave large sums of money in the house in a place they deem secure. For more information on the best and worst hiding places check out 10 worst places to hide valuables and 8 DIY secret hiding places.5:

2. Electronics


Portable electronics are the next target on the list. Mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles and even your conventional oven can be easily resold on Ebay for a couple of hundred dollars. The more portable, the more it becomes a target. Moreover, some valuable electronics are easier to conceal than others so it’s not uncommon for burglars to tear the house apart looking for that hidden laptop.

3. Firearms


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an average of 172,000 firearms were reported stolen every year from 2005 – 2010. What’s more, at least one firearm was taken in 63% of homes that were burgled. Cases of homeowners forgetting to lock the safe or simply stashing the firearms under the bed have greatly contributed to that statistic. Firearms, being a hard to obtain commodity, makes them one of the burglar’s most wanted valuables.

4. Jewellery


Unlike the price of stocks and options, gold has a steadily increasing market value which rarely depreciates. An ounce of gold in today’s market will set you back $1320 USD! With this in mind, it’s no wonder a burglar will make every effort to find your valuable jewels. Gold necklaces, silver bracelets and diamond rings are easy to carry and even easier to sell.

5. Medications


Not all burglars suffer from drug addictions, but according to statistics, a large percentage do! If that wasn’t enough of a reason to ransack your medicine cabinet, there’s more. Prescription drugs are one of the burglar’s most wanted valuables as they have a high resale value on the black market. What’s more, legal prescription drugs can be melted down into basic chemicals in order to create more dangerous illegal drugs.