Top Business Cyber-Security Mistakes

Top Business Cyber-Security Mistakes

Did you know that nearly 300 million records were leaked and over $1 billion was stolen in 2015 as a result of business cyber attacks?

It’s a common misconception that cyber attacks only happen to large corporations like Yahoo and Ashley Madison but small to medium-sized businesses are just as vulnerable, if not more due to smaller security budgets and not realising their own cyber-security vulnerabilities.

Here are the top 5 business cyber-security mistakes you need to avoid:

Failing to update your software

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Failing to update legacy software is one of the most common business cyber-security mistakes. More often than not, employees like to stick to software that they know and are comfortable with.

It’s essential to update and patch third-party software and applications in a timely manner as hackers and malicious software will target known vulnerabilities.

Neglecting insider threats

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Rogue employees are not uncommon. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your internal security and software management. Make sure you are diligent about managing passwords, restricting access to certain systems, and have processes in place to ensure data security.

Viewing business cyber-security as an IT problem

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IT is your last defence. Your first defence is employing the right people, destroying sensitive information sent via post, managing who has access to your workplace, and putting the right systems and processes in place to protect important documents and files.

Failing to map out where data flows and lives

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As a business evolves, it’s inevitable that systems will change, old code will be overwritten, and internal processes will fail to keep up. Mapping out where data is stored and flows is a good exercise to understand what maintenance is required to keep data secure.

Not encrypting your communications

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This is the process of using code to scramble data so it can’t be read by anyone who doesn’t have the code key. Most legitimate websites today use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts data being sent to and from a website.

If you’re a business who has built your own internal systems that send data via an open network, it’s critical you encrypt this data.


That’s it! Now you know the top 5 cyber-security mistakes that businesses make:

  • Failing to update your software
  • Neglecting insider threats
  • Viewing business cyber-security as an IT problem
  • Failing to map out where data flows and lives
  • Not encrypting your communications

Cyber-security is a growing challenge and it’s not going away. If you can avoid the most common cyber-security mistakes, then you’ll go a long way to staying safe.