Cammy Customer Review: How Cammy saved a life

Cammy Customer Review: How Cammy saved a life

Imagine being able to stop a crime or even help save someone’s life, no matter where you are…

Well, that’s what one of our Cammy customers recently did with a camera set up to monitor a shared parking area. Check out this Cammy customer review and how Cammy saved a life:

It was October 10th…

I was in my lounge watching TV when I started to hear screaming and yelling downstairs.

Alarmed, I pulled out my phone and opened my Cammy app to see what was happening in the shared parking area.

My Cammy outdoor camera was capturing the whole event and I was watching it live on my phone.

I was shocked! I could see my neighbour’s husband yelling and screaming at her. He seemed very aggressive and I could tell that this was quite a heated argument….

My neighbour and her husband had been having some conflict for some time now and I never really thought too much of it.

But what I was seeing now seemed very intense and I began to worry for my neighbour’s safety.

The Live View on my app showed my neighbour walking towards her car with her two young children in tow.

They were all carrying washing baskets full of their belongings and had backpacks on.

This seemed odd as it was the middle of the night but soon after I realised that something was wrong.

My neighbour’s husband followed them out to the car. You could see he was very angry and aggressive as he tried to dominate her.

He followed her around as she tried to get the children and their belongings into the car.

After a while and some more yelling and aggressive behaviour from the husband, she got in the car and drove away leaving the husband behind in the driveway.

Worried, I immediately called the Police and explained to them what I had seen on my Cammy camera. Turns out this woman’s husband had gotten out of jail for domestic abuse not long ago…

The Police knew what he was capable of and wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again so they called me back to ask for my security footage.

From the footage, the Police were able to obtain enough evidence to arrest my neighbour’s husband and get him away from her and her children.

I was so grateful that I was able to help and that it was my Cammy cameras that caught the evidence that was needed to put this man away.

I want to say thanks to Cammy for helping me protect my property and also maybe save someone’s life.

Over the past couple of years Cammy has helped put a number of criminals behind bars and it’s events like this that make what we do here at Cammy so worthwhile.

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