Cammy customer review: Ken and Dina

Cammy customer review: Ken and Dina

As a parent, you wish you could be in ten places at once and know what’s happening at all times.

Are your kids home safe?

Was the dog fed?

Is the front door locked?

Is the house safe while you’re on vacation?

What if you could be everywhere? Be at work, on a road trip, halfway around the world and still be “home”?

A couple from California uses Cammy for just that…to have an extra pair of eyes to watch over their home and family when life gets busy.

Meet Ken and Dina. They have been Cammy customers for a while now, and they wanted to share their experience with Cammy.


A little background about Ken and Dina….

They have an indoor/outdoor security system with 3 cameras that they use Cammy to monitor their one-acre property.

They have family members visiting often during the week and weekends.

They also have two dogs and a disabled mother in law who is home alone during the day.

Ken and Dina work full-time jobs 30 minutes from home, and they travel often so they were on the lookout for an easy to use security system they could trust.

They have a community Facebook page that updates neighbours on crime-related activity in their area.

They hear about incidents where mail is stolen or strange cars are circling the area and although they have a gate to protect their property, they didn’t want to risk the safety of their home and family.

Ken and Dina explain why they love Cammy.

Peace of Mind

“Cammy has been a lifesaver for us,” said Ken.

“I leave my wife and her mother at 4 am every morning to go to work and I rely on Cammy to keep an eye during the early morning hours.”

“I also travel cross country on my motorcycle, and I am able to stream a live view from my smartphone from any state. It’s great!” 

Live View 

“The features I use the most are live view and viewing the timeline of events,” said Dina.

“We don’t have our children living at home anymore, so when I am at work and Cammy lets me see that my daughter has come over to visit my mother and take out our dogs.”

“I can then know the exact time she came and left and know that my mother and dogs are taken care of. When she comes over I don’t get an alarm, but I do get an event that I can view on my phone or laptop.”


Arm/Disarm Capabilities 

The reason Dina doesn’t get an alarm when her daughter comes to visit is due to Cammy’s geofencing abilities.

This means the Cammy app knows when a family member is at home by putting up an invisible radius around the area to arm/disarm when anyone comes and goes.

The benefit to this is when a family member is present you get a recorded motion event, but you do not receive an alarm telling you there is an intruder (obviously her daughter is not an intruder).

When all family members are gone it sends an email or text alert only if a human motion is detected.


Quality of Camera/App

“I’m impressed with the quality of the images and video events that are recorded,” said Dina.  

“The images are clear, show details of human faces and easily go from night vision to daytime recording.”

“They are easily accessible from my app and I can see the exact time and day that each event happened.”

“I’m very forgetful so if I can’t remember if I turned off the lights forgot to shut the back door, I can easily go on the Cammy app zoom in, and see clear as day that I didn’t forget (for once)!”

“We are so happy to have a system like Cammy to watch over our home and family. It captures moments throughout the day that we can then go back and watch and share with the rest of the family. We even catch a few birds posing in the outdoor camera!” -Ken and Dina

So next time someone tells you it’s impossible to be two places at once, show them how Cammy makes it possible. Security can be more than just a deterrent, it’s a way to capture important moments when you can’t be there.

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