Cammy Customer Review: Mr Jones

Cammy Customer Review: Mr Jones

Mr Jones has been a Cammy customer for over a year now and in December 2015, he experienced a break in. Thanks to Cammy the Police were able to respond quickly and stop the intruder in the act.

Mr Jones tells the story.

Fantastic system

“I think Cammy is a fantastic system, its image recognition software is second to none and it gives me peace of mind and confidence knowing that my property is secure even when I’m not there.”

Genuine alerts

“The feature I like best about Cammy is the automatic alerts. I like how I don’t have to sit and monitor the cameras myself. I know that my Cammy camera is keeping an eye on my home for me and it will only alert me if a human is detected.”

Cloud Storage

“I use the Cammy app everyday, when I’m at work, when I’m away travelling or when I’m out visiting friends, I know that Cammy is keeping my property secure. I like how Cammy uses the cloud to store my footage as this means if anything was to happen to my cameras e.g. if they were stolen or tampered with, the footage is still safe in the cloud.”

Easy Setup

“I find Cammy so simple to use, all I needed to set it up was a smartphone, an internet connection and some power.”

Peace of Mind

“I work away from home a lot so it gives me peace of mind to know that Cammy is watching over my property when I’m not there.”

Hopefully this Cammy customer review from Mr Jones has helped you stay afloat in the sea of home security system reviews. But this is just one of the many Cammy success stories we have. Check out this Cammy customer who caught a burglar in his sleep!

So what are you waiting for? Try Cammy today and experience the peace of mind that Mr Jones loves so much.