Cammy customer review: Mr Lozano

Cammy customer review: Mr Lozano

Is your dog able to let you know who stopped by when you weren’t there?

Your dog can be a great burglar deterrent, but there is no way for your dog to tell you if you had any unwanted visitors while you are away. Whether it’s to protect your home or your neighbourhood, having a camera based security system can be extremely useful.

Our Cammy customers tell it best.

Mr Lozano has been using Cammy for six months and is very satisfied and wanted to share his experience. 

Mr Lozano became a customer after his backyard shed was broken into a few years ago. He wanted a security system to give him peace of mind when he was working late hours as law enforcement for his city. That’s when he came across Cammy and is now happy knowing Cammy is protecting him home while he is out protecting his community.

Camera Quality

“I’m very satisfied with the picture quality. There was one instance when I got an alarm for someone detected in my outdoor camera. When I got the notification, I was able to go into the app, see the guy, zoom in and recognized who it was. I went straight to the individual’s home and asked if he was looking for me. I pulled up the Cammy app to show him how I saw him and he was very impressed. He said he had papers for me to take a look at and he just needed my services.”

Motion Detection

“My favourite feature is the human detection. When I work from 4pm to 4am, I am able to watch my house via my phone instead of having to make my rounds in the middle of my shift. I always know if anyone is on my property and that my family and dogs are safe.”


“A month ago police officers were looking for 2 suspects in my area. My outdoor camera was pointed towards the alley behind my house, and the Cammy camera was able to detect the two subjects. They were then able to catch them, report it to the police and use as evidence in court. It’s great knowing Cammy is always protecting my home, and also my neighborhood.”

Customer Service

“If I ever have an issue and need to call, I always receive great customer service. The support team is very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and always understanding.”

We hope this Cammy customer review has helped you see the importance of having a camera based home security system to protect yourself and your community.