Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Andrew Uses Cammy

Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Andrew Uses Cammy

He’s a novice when it comes to Snapchat but an expert when it comes to motivational pep talks, sales jargon and toddler talk. Here’s the Cammy employee spotlight on Andrew and how he uses Cammy:

Hi! Who are you and what do you do at Cammy?

Hi! I’m Andrew Edgley and I look after the sales teams in Australia and the United Kingdom. I’m also the facilitator of daily sugar highs – come to me for chocolates, lollies and other snacks!


How do you use Cammy?

I use Cammy to monitor the entrance to my apartment and to keep an eye on the babysitter or my mother-in-law when she’s looking after my daughter, Eloise. I work quite a bit so I want to make sure I don’t miss out on any crucial or cute moments of her life.

What’s your favourite feature?

My favourite feature is definitely Live View and being able to pan/tilt the camera from my smartphone. Live View lets me check-in in real time to see what everyone is doing at home, in fact the HD video makes me feel like I’m actually there! It also gives me a lot of flexibility as I’m always on the go so I can make sure my daughter, wife and mother-in-law are okay from anywhere in the world.

Here’s a screenshot of my baby girl waving to me in Events:


What’s your favourite moment caught on Cammy?

This probably isn’t a favourite moment but one for the books as it scared my socks off! Cammy captured my one and a half year old daughter climbing out of her pram then standing on it like the Silver Surfer.

I was just about to give the babysitter a call when she noticed and rushed to strap Eloise back into her pram. It could have flipped over and Eloise could have ended up hurt. As a dad, the thought of that moment still makes me nervous.


Describe Cammy in 5 words.

The absolute duck’s guts!

Note: ‘Duck’s guts’ is an Australian expression for something being amazing or brilliant.

If you enjoyed this post, look out for next week’s Cammy Employee Spotlight to find out more about us and how we use Cammy – the only camera-based alarm system that guarantees no false alarms.

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