Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Ashley Uses Cammy

Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Ashley Uses Cammy

Here’s the Cammy employee spotlight on Ashley and how she uses Cammy:

Ashley’s Favourites

Favourite Movie:  Too many good ones to pick just one.  Comedies and Action are my favorite.

Favourite Hobby: I’d probably say working out at the boot camp classes.  It’s addicting and makes me feel great!

Favourite Food: I’d have to say Mexican food.

Hi! Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Ashley Walter and I am the Office Manager/Executive Assistant.

How do you use Cammy?

I have Cammy set up in my front yard, back yard, as well as in my house watching our pups throughout the day.

Which feature do you love the most?

I love the two-way voice feature, so if we catch one of our “perfect little dogs” getting into some mischief, we can call their name and they know they’ve been caught!

Describe Cammy in 5 words






What do you like to do in your spare time?

Love going on hikes on the various trails by my house, spending time with friends and family, taking photos, going to boot camp classes, and checking out all the local wineries in my town.

What’s something a bit or very unusual about you?

I’m not sure if this is “unusual”, but people always seem surprised when they learn my husband and I bought our house just two blocks from the house I grew up in, and live in a neighborhood where we are walking distance (or a short golf cart drive) to all of our friends we’ve grown up with.  We love that small town feel.

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