Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Jimmy Uses Cammy

Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Jimmy Uses Cammy

He’s the father figure of Cammy, even though he’s barely in his mid 30s and the debatable reigning champion of table tennis in the office. Here’s the Cammy employee spotlight on Jimmy and how he uses Cammy:

Hi! Who are you and what do you do at Cammy?

Hey, I’m Jimmy! I was Cammy’s first employee and wrote the initial version of the Cammy iOS app.

Over the last few years, I was Cammy’s CEO but now I’m working on a super secret project that’s related to Cammy! Sorry, if I tell you, I might need to use a neuralyzer on you…

Oh and in case you’re wondering, this isn’t me:

Jimmy Neutron:

Jimmy Neutron:

Pretty close though! This is me:

Jimmy Lee CEO

How do you use Cammy?

I use Cammy to…

  • Keep an eye on what’s happening at home since I have a lot of tech gadgets
  • Monitor how well my newborn is sleeping

…and as a pet cam to keep an eye on my Insta-famous cat, Boris.

“I’m bucketloads of fun…get it? Ha ha ha…”

Which feature do you love the most?

Person detected alerts is my absolute favourite feature. I have over 10 Cammy cameras at home so it’s crucial that I’m only alerted when an actual person is detected.

This Cammy feature also solves the biggest problem with traditional home security – false alarms. Just imagine, with 10 cameras, this could mean constant notifications all day long from spiders, insects, shadows and pets. I’m just so glad I don’t have to deal with any of that!

What’s your favourite moment caught on Cammy?

I have so many but my favourite is this one of Boris jumping into my baby’s cot at night. Perhaps it was an act of defiance…

Jimmys Cat Boris Caught on Cammy

“Hey dad, I’m the only baby you need!” #overlyattachedcat

Another favourite of mine is when I caught my neighbour in my backyard. I thought it was strange so I switched to Live View to see what he was up to…

Jimmys neighbour sweeping his driveway Smaller

…Turns out he was sweeping my backyard patio. Surely it wasn’t that dirty!

Describe Cammy in 5 words

Lets you see and know.

Cammy can be your eyes, ears and voice when you’re not around!

If you enjoyed this post, look out for next week’s Cammy Employee Spotlight to find out more about us and how we use Cammy – the only camera-based alarm system that guarantees no false alarms.

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