Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Megan uses Cammy

Cammy Employee Spotlight: How Megan uses Cammy

She Cammy’s Marketo guru and is known for making the office smell wonderful with her air purifier and essential oils! Here’s the Cammy employee spotlight on Megan and how she uses Cammy:

Megan’s Favourites

Favorite show: This Is Us

Favorite quote: “Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” -Walt Disney

Favorite snack: Strawberries and Nutella

Hi! Who are you and what do you do at Cammy?

Hi, I’m Megan and I am the Marketing Operations Coordinator here at Cammy and I am responsible for the operational processes behind our marketing efforts. 

How do you use Cammy?

I mainly use Cammy to keep an eye on my pup Sophie to see the shenanigans she gets into when I’m not there. She’s usually just snuggling with her big sister Remi.

Which feature do you love the most?

Since I mainly use my camera to check in on my dog, the live view would have to be my favorite feature! It’s simple to get on my smartphone from anywhere and turn it on to live view to see what is happening in my home. I can use the zoom and pan/tilt features to find her (since she’s so tiny)! With the two-way audio I am able to talk through the cameras to say hello!

What’s your favourite moment caught on Cammy?

My favorite moment caught on Cammy was when I caught my mom’s dog standing on the table. I was able to turn on live view and tell her to get down (it’s a small table and she’s a big dog!)

Describe Cammy in 5 words

Convenient- I can always see my home from my smartphone.

Fun- I sometimes scare my mom when she comes home. 

Helpful- I’m able to see my if my mom came how to take care of the pups. 

Unique- It only alerts me if it detects human motion (which is great because my dogs are walking around all day!)

Smart- The alarm always sets itself!

Cammy is easy to use and is great for live monitoring from anywhere, anytime. When I leave/re-enter my home it is automatically armed/disarmed. It’s great to never have to worry if my home and puppy are safe.

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