Cammy Feature Highlight: Auto Arm and Disarm

Cammy Feature Highlight: Auto Arm and Disarm

More often than we can count, we forget where our keys are and sometimes, we even forget to arm our home security systems…

In fact, statistics show that one of the main reasons security systems fail is that they simply weren’t armed during an intrusion. This is where Auto Arm / Disarm comes in.

In today’s Cammy Feature Highlight, we turn the spotlight on our Auto Arm / Disarm feature and explain how it works and how to activate it.

What is Auto Arm / Disarm?

This feature automatically arms and disarms your home alarm depending on your location.

This is done using geofence technology which allows the Cammy software to detect if a person is at home via their smartphone. This means the moment your phone disconnects from your home Wi-Fi, your alarm automatically arms itself. As soon as you come home and connect to the Wi-Fi again, the alarm is automatically disarmed.

If you live with others, you can easily add them to the geofence equation of the Auto Arm / Disarm feature. When everyone is out of home, the alarm will arm itself and will disarm when someone returns.

No more stressing about forgetting to arm your system again!

So how do I turn on Auto Arm / Disarm?

To activate the Auto Arm / Disarm feature for the first time, you must be at home or at the property you want to monitor.

1. Open your Cammy app and go to Alarms


In your Alarms, identify which camera you want to turn the feature on for. Tap the ‘cog icon’ next to it. You will be taken to the above view. Scroll down to the bottom where it says Auto Arm / Disarm and slide the ‘Location’ slider to the right to turn the feature on (circled in red above).

2. Once activated, the ‘Location’ slider will turn green and more fields appear


After you’ve turned Auto Arm / Disarm on, the ‘Location’ slider turns green and more fields appear below it. Click on ‘Active Zone’ and you will see the below screen…

3. Select a location


This screen allows you to select a location for your home or business. Simply click on the ‘location symbol’ on the top right-hand side of the map or manually type in your address to search for your location. Once you’ve identified your location, tap ‘Save’.

4. Check your Alarms


Once you’ve activated Auto Arm / Disarm, go back into your Alarms and check that you have your Alarm set on auto mode as manually arming or disarming your alarm can override it. And you’re all set!

Hopefully, this Cammy feature highlight on Auto Arm / Disarm has helped you better understand what it is, how you can activate it and why we do what we do at Cammy. Don’t forget to look out for next week’s Cammy feature highlight!