Cammy Feature Highlight: Live View and 2-way audio

Cammy Feature Highlight: Live View and 2-way audio

Imagine being in two places at once…eating a late lunch at work and checking on the kids coming home or sipping on a cocktail in Thailand and monitoring the dog sitter at the same time….

Well, the great news is you can!

In today’s Cammy Feature Highlight, we turn the spotlight on our Live View and 2-way audio features and explain how they work together to give you access to home from anywhere.

What is Live View and 2-way audio?

Live View allows you to view your Cammy cameras and see what’s happening in real time from your smartphone. You can see a portrait view like the image below or flip your phone to get a full screen view of your cameras.

You can even switch between your cameras and use the arrows to pan and tilt for a better view. Have a look left, right, up or down so you don’t miss anything!

Cammy Live View iPhone

Our Penguin Indoor cameras are also equipped with microphones and speakers. This means that while you’re in Live View, you can use 2-way audio to listen and speak through your cameras. Simply press the microphone button and speak into your phone as you normally would.

How Live View and 2-way audio let you be there in the moment

When used in combination, Live View and 2-way audio let you be there in the moment. You can see exactly what’s happening and interact with your family, kids, babysitter and pets in real time. Never miss a moment again!

You can…

  • Remind the kids to do their homework
  • Tell the dog to get off the couch
  • Catch up with the family
  • See who’s at home when you’re not

…And even let an intruder know that you’re watching.

In the event that you receive a Cammy Person Detected Alert, you can choose to disarm your system if you recognise the person, or you can switch to Live View to confirm their identity.

This not only allows you to avoid confrontation with a potential intruder but also reduces the risk of putting your family in danger. However, if you ever find yourself confronted by an intruder, make sure you know exactly what to do!

Hopefully this Cammy feature highlight on Live View and 2-way audio has helped you better understand what they are and how you can use them to your advantage.

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Did we miss something related to Live View and 2-way audio? Or would you like us to explain a different Cammy feature? Please let us know in the comments below