Cammy Feature Highlight: Person Detected Alerts

Cammy Feature Highlight: Person Detected Alerts

In today’s Cammy Feature Highlight, we turn the spotlight on our Person Detected Alerts feature and explain how it solves the biggest problem with traditional home security…

The biggest problem with traditional home security

Have you read the story behind Cammy? If you have then you’d know that Cammy was created not only to provide peace of mind but also to solve one of the biggest problems with traditional home security – false alarms.

In fact, did you know that over 94% of traditional alarm calls turn out to be false alarms. This equates to over 10% of Police calls in the US and billions of dollars in fines.

Not only are false alarms expensive, they cause additional stress and are a nuisance for the Police and your neighbours…

…So how does Cammy solve this problem? With Person Detected Alerts!

What is Person Detected Alerts?


Our Person Detected Alerts feature uses intelligent image detection technology to identify the source of the movement. You will only receive an alert if a person is detected on camera – this means no more costly false alarms from pets, shadows, spiders or tree branches!

You’re also in complete, immediate control of what action to take. Whether that’s disarming your alarm remotely for a visitor you recognise or calling the Police from the app if there is an intruder. This way you can enjoy your day without worrying if everything is ok at home. Peace of mind made easy!

View Motion Detected Events

While you’ll only receive an alert when a person is detected, Cammy captures a timeline of all Motion Detected Events and stores them on the cloud for 30 days. This way you can see a big picture of what happens when you’re not at home.

You can search through your Events and choose to export, share, delete or save that cute pet footage or funny caught on Cammy moment!

In the event of a break in, this also saves you from searching through meaningless footage to find the footage that matters most.

Jasons Cammy App Events

Real life examples

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out how Cammy’s Person Detected Alerts helped Mr Jones catch a burglar:

Hopefully this Cammy feature highlight on Person Detected Alerts has helped you better understand what is it, how you can benefit from it and why we do what we do at Cammy. Don’t forget to look out for next week’s Cammy feature highlight!

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