Cammy Releases: Brand Redesign, New Desktop App and more

Cammy Releases: Brand Redesign, New Desktop App and more

From humble beginnings, Cammy has grown to process over 13 billion snapshots annually. With this fast growth, we’re excited to announce a brand redesign for Cammy.

If that’s not exciting enough, we also launched a new desktop app, added more video export options and updated the alarms section to improve the user experience.

Let us explain these updates and releases:

Brand Redesign

Peace of mind and protection is at the core of what we provide, and our new logo better reflects this and the direction we’re headed. The shield motif logo doesn’t simply tell others that you’re protected by Cammy, but also shows how Cammy is working for you.

Meanwhile the updated brand colour scheme is bolder, more striking and more modern. This translates seamlessly in-app to improve the contrast and readability of text and further reinforces the sense of security and protection that Cammy provides.

New Desktop App

Cammy desktop app

Since we launched Cammy, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from the Cammy community that has helped guide our product updates and offerings.

Some of the requests we received had to do with creating a desktop app for users to view their cameras right from their desktop computers.

After months of hard work, we’re happy to announce that it’s finally here!

The Cammy desktop app lets you set up your cameras, see your events, control your alarms and helps you keep a watchful eye over your home or business all from your desktop.

Download the desktop app here.

Increased sharing options

Sharing your caught on Cammy footage is easier than ever with more sharing options. In addition to email, you can now share straight from your Cammy app to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Slack just to name a few.

The above GIF shows how to export your video or snapshot:

  1. Tap on the event that you would like to share.
  2. Once you’re in the event, tap the share icon at the top right hand corner (square with the arrow pointing up).
  3. Select export type: video or current snapshot.
  4. Click on where you want to share your video or snapshot to e.g. Facebook, Slack etc.

Alarm Updates, Speed Improvements and Bug Fixes

Over the holiday period, the backend team continued to work hard behind the scenes on bug fixes to maintain stability and updating the alarm section to make it easier to see the status of your alarm and quickly arm and disarm your alarms.

More importantly, significant speed improvements have been made to reduce event response time by half. This means browsing events in-app is much faster and represents a huge step forward towards making Cammy even more stable.

What’s to come…

We’ve set aggressive goals for the year ahead and we’re excited to work closer with the Cammy community to continually evolve the product.

In the coming month, we’ll be focusing on product research, batch delete options, optimising the web and desktop app and more. Be sure to keep a look out for next month’s Cammy Releases blog post!

In the meantime, check out our new desktop app and let us know what you think of our updates and new branding by leaving a comment below.