How a Cammy Customer Stopped a Burglar

How a Cammy Customer Stopped a Burglar

Imagine being able to stop a burglar from breaking into your home, no matter where you are?

That’s what one of our customers did recently. It’s events like these that make what we do at Cammy so worthwhile and who better to tell you the story than the customer.

Enter Mr Jones – a UK customer who has been with Cammy for 7 months

There I was sitting in my office in Bristol, 120 miles from my home in Shropshire, when I got an alert on my phone from my Cammy app on the 14th December 2015.

“Person Detected, Dining Room,” it read.

Opening the app to view my dining room, it appeared that my indoor camera had detected someone through the frosted glass of my back door.

cammy person detected

It’s rare for someone to access my property from the back of the house so I knew straight away I had a problem.

Watching a live view of my camera I could see the person raise their leg. It appears a man was trying to kick down my door.

This was a big concern, not least because I have firearms inside my house and whoever this person was, they were likely to be a criminal, someone I don’t want accessing weapons that could harm others.



I immediately called the local Police, who contacted the local command straight away due to the firearms on site. But also because I could verify the intruder was still at my home – important information for a quick Police response.

The intruder, who was known to Police, was still on the scene when they got there. I can only imagine his shock when they arrived.

He would have been thinking “How did they know?”

According to the Police the intruder tried escaping by fleeing through the neighbours’ gardens, leaping over the garden fence which was subsequently flattened. The Police were able to apprehend the intruder, and in full view of my neighbours, take him to the ground and handcuff him.



The whole event was very dramatic and no doubt entertaining for anyone watching. I just wish I had a camera in my backyard!

Unfortunately there were no charges laid as the intruder didn’t force entry into the property before Police arrived. However, this didn’t stop the Police from escorting the embarrassed intruder home, still in handcuffs, and in full view of my neighbours.

A formal warning was issued by the Police which was echoed by a neighbour who was a little less reserved when promising what would happen if the failed burglar tried to return.




It’s safe to say that my neighbours were very impressed with my Cammy cameras. They were all home at the time and no one had seen him at the rear of the property. Cammy has protected their properties as well, not to mention helped the Police who described Cammy as “awesome.”

I wanted to share my story in the hope that more homes take advantage of smart home security systems like Cammy.

Thank you Cammy!

Are you a Cammy customer with a good story? If so we would love to hear from you.

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