Cat Stunts That Will Blow Your Mind

Cat Stunts That Will Blow Your Mind

Dog folk are quick to brag about their obedient and smart canine friends, but anyone who has lived around a feline knows that cats can be pretty intelligent as well. Famous for doing whatever they heck they want and dismissing any training attempts with a contemptuous stare, some cats can perform like well-trained dogs, and some… are just weird.

Let’s just stop for a moment to enjoy the wonder of cats.

Cat Outfoxes Fox Terrier

Infamous viral video cat, Didja, escapes across the pool. This might just be the smartest cat on YouTube.

Cat Uses Toilet… And Flushes

Quiz, the toilet using and flushing cat, was trained by the same guy whose cat crossed the pool to escape the dog.

Moogly The Bengal

Another infamous and talented cat with a significant youtube following, Moogly the Bengal, shows what he knows at 10 months old.

Amazed Cat

I’m a bit tired of amazing cats… how about we add some variety? Here’s an amazed cat!

Maru The Stunt Cat

More of a comedian I think. I’m not sure how impressive the stunts are but, if you can look past the music in this video, it’s pretty funny. Didn’t blow my mind, but I did laugh!

Drummer Cat

There was recently an animated video of a cat playing drums. It was studio tricks, though. This cat doesn’t need studio tricks. Somebody sign this cat and put him on tour.

Jailbreak Kitty

It appears that famous escape artist Houdini has been reincarnated as a cat.

Acrobat Cat

This cat thinks it’s a tight-rope walker! After a hesitant start, he has a near fall but recovers with style. Albeit awkward style.

Shell Game Cat

This casually cool cat could probably beat me at this game.

Bonus – because if you made it this far, like me, you just can’t get enough of cats. Here’s one last cat fix for you to watch right meow!