5 Most Common Burglar Tools and Tricks

5 Most Common Burglar Tools and Tricks

Burglars fall into 5 different categories and while their techniques differ most burglars share these 5 common burglar tools.

Crow Bars



A popular burglar tool for a Hollywood burglar just happens to be a useful tool for a real life one. This is a no brainer due to its versatility. It helps pry open doors, can be used to break a lock and doubles up as a weapon if the occasion arises.

Most burglars avoid confrontation and will flee at the first sign of another person but many are prepared to fight their way out if backed into a corner.

Your tools



A burglar’s dream is an unlocked tool shed! Burglars try to get in and out as fast as possible, leaving no evidence behind. Statistics show an average burglary takes 7 – 10 minutes. For this reason they travel light and rarely carry more tools than they need for the job. That’s not to say they won’t hesitate to use yours!

If a burglar comes across a home with tools, they will use it to their advantage. Such things include ladders, screwdrivers, hammers and even lawnmowers to create a distraction.

Dog Treats



It’s a little known fact that brazen burglars are not deterred by the presence of a dog. According to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology Report, more than 45% would proceed with a burglary even if a dog is on the premise.

To gain the trust of a dog, a burglar will often use this burglar trick (treats and treats laced with sedatives) to make the operation easier. If they can get into the kitchen, they will offer a dog something from the fridge but it’s not uncommon for them to carry some of their own.

Lock picks



Lock picking is common amongst professional burglars and less so for the opportunists. Professional burglars often use lock picks to gain entry to a home in hope of minimising noise.

The good news is professionals rarely target residential homes, instead opting to obtain high value items from businesses. However, if you have an expensive car in the driveway, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some pick proof locks.



Professional burglars are known to stake out a home for several days before attempting entry. In order to avoid suspicion, they may dress up as mailmen, tradespeople or door to door salesmen.

It’s not uncommon for them to knock on the door and speak to the owners in order to get a better view of the home’s layout. If you notice several unusual visits to your home or a stranger lurking around across several days, it’s a good idea to report it to the police.

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