5 Creepiest Places On Earth

5 Creepiest Places On Earth

The world is full of amazing places! Both natural and man-made, many legends and years of history have created these world wonders. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider our list of creepy places for your next vacation. If not, revel in the mystery from afar as we take you on a journey of the creepiest places on earth.

The Bermuda Triangle



An informal name given to 500,000 square miles of Atlantic ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This area is often referred to as the Devil’s Triangle due to the large number of unexplained and mysterious disappearances of flights and ships in the area.

The governments don’t formally recognise its existence but many theories have been offered to explain the phenomenon. Some theories suggest geological and hydrological explanations while others suspect paranormal forces are at work.

Varosha – Cyprus



Prior to the Turkish invasion in 1974, Varosha was one of the most important tourist destinations worldwide. Attracting the rich and famous with its beautiful beaches and modern facilities. The likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot were known to holiday in one of its upper class resorts.

Over the last 42 years, the city has slowly deteriorated into an overgrown ghost town. Under the new Turkish rule, all unauthorised entry is strictly forbidden, leaving the place abandoned and overgrown. The eerie town is now a fragment of its former self, slowly erasing its history with the passage of time.

Akodessewa Fetish Market



Located in Togo, Africa, this is the creepiest market in the world. Commonly referred to as the “voodoo superstore”, the market offers a range of products from bizarre to disturbing. Here you can find anything you would need for a ritual including skins of various animals, dog’s skulls, secret herbs and good luck charms.

The practice of voodoo began in West Africa and spread to the USA with slavery. Although the practice has mostly died out in the USA, it continues to be a recognised religion in Africa with around 17% of the population of Benin (1.6 million people) still actively practicing.

Island of The Dolls



A mysterious legend in Mexico led way to the creation of this creepy phenomenon. The story goes, that a little girl was found drowned under mysterious circumstances many years ago on the island. A local resident soon found a doll washed up on the shore and hung it in a tree to honour her memory. Since then, many more dolls have washed up, each claiming a place in one of the trees on the island. It is believed, that the spirit of the girl possesses the dolls.

Some have claimed they heard the dolls whispering to each other and others said they saw the dolls move and open their eyes. Locals in boats say they have been lured to the island by the restless spirit. Whatever the reasons behind their impressions, the island won’t be forgotten by anyone who dares to visit.

The Catacombs



In 1774, the Parisians were faced with overflowing cemeteries and ongoing cave-ins from all the burials performed over the years. To combat the situation, officials in 1986, started transferring the remnants of buried ancestors to the reinforced tunnels running under the city. More and more bones were transferred and soon the tunnels became a tourist attraction (19th century)

There has been some debate regarding the ethical issues surrounding tourism and the site has been open and closed several times over the years. The tunnels are now the resting place for more than 6 million people and is a regular tourist attraction managed by Paris Musées.

Visiting one of the creepy places on this list is sure to leave a lasting memory. If you’ve visited a place from the list, tell us your impressions in the comments below!

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