Top 5 Cute Pets Caught on Cammy

Top 5 Cute Pets Caught on Cammy

Here at Cammy, we love it when customers send through cute, funny and memorable moments captured on our cameras. Here are our top 5 cute pets caught on Cammy:

5. Cookie the high jumper


“Mummy, I’m here, can you see me? Can you hear me? I’m here!”

Cookie is a 4 month old moodle (maltese and poodle) named after her fluffy, cookies and cream coloured fur. Every time she hears her mummy coming home, she excitedly jumps up and down at the door.

A high jumper at heart, this cute pet plans to reach for the stars one day.

4. Truffle the belly rub addict


This long coat Chihuahua’s name is Truffle. He just turned 4 months and has developed a serious addiction to belly rubs. If he sees someone new, he’ll roll over on his back and wait till he gets that belly rub!

Usually, Truffle’s dad uses Cammy to monitor his pup but lately, he’s taken to using 2-way audio to trick Truffle…


…Too bad Truffle quickly figured out that the voice was coming from his dad’s Cammy camera. As you can see from the screenshot above, he was clearly not impressed!

3. Pockie the masseuse


Named after the Japanese snack Pocky, Pockie the pooch is as sweet as her name. This cute little bichon frise was caught on Cammy giving Pikachu a massage after a long hard day of fighting evil in Palette Town.

2. Butters the rebel


This cute pet’s name is Butters, after Butters from South Park. However, there’s nothing innocent about this rebellious cat! When his mum was in the shower, he snuck into her room and waited for the perfect opportunity…


…Then leapt onto her bed, which he clearly wasn’t meant to be on! Butters, you’ve been caught on Cammy!

1. Boris the baby


“Hi dad, I’m the only baby you need…”

In a brazen act of defiance, Boris the tabby exotic shorthair climbed into the baby’s cot.

Hopefully, these cute pets caught on Cammy have brightened your day. If you have your own caught on Cammy footage, we’d love to see it!