Do You Have A Dependent Family Member? We Can Bring You Peace Of Mind

Do You Have A Dependent Family Member? We Can Bring You Peace Of Mind

Have you ever thought about installing surveillance cameras in your home to monitor the safety of your pets, kids or elderly dependent? Wi-Fi cameras used as ‘nanny cams’ are a great way to keep an eye on your little ones when you’re in the kitchen or garage.

Are you caring for your parents at home?

They looked after you now you’re looking after them. Using surveillance cameras in your home can allow you to feel confident when you can’t be around to verify that those depending on you are safe and secure.

These days with both parents often working outside the home during the day, your loved ones may be in the care of somebody else. Even still, knowing you can monitor their care from anywhere you are can allow you to focus on your job, shopping trip or romantic dinner out, reducing unnecessary concerns or anxiety.

Sadly, the Internet is rife with reports of babysitters who abuse children or pets, and caregivers who neglect or abuse the persons they are supposed to be taking care of, in the place where they should feel safest. Perhaps you’ve known somebody whose loved ones were a target of this unfortunate kind of scenario.

These kinds of disturbing stories and possibilities are more than enough to get you thinking about security cameras in the home.

Before installing Wi-Fi security cameras in your home, know what you will use them for

And be aware of your local laws regarding recording the actions or words of others. In some places, there are strict privacy laws that make it a criminal offense to use hidden cameras to record others.

Cameras for monitoring of babysitters or caregivers should be a last resort and only used when there are serious concerns about abuse or neglect in care. It is an offense in many places to record the conversation of others without their explicit consent.

Even if you didn’t plan to, your monitoring setup could record a conversation between the babysitter and their parents or boyfriend, and this could get you into trouble unless consent was given.

Fortunately, we are living in a time where keeping eyes and ears on those you care for in your home has never been easier.

Cammy’s Wi-Fi cameras can allow you to see, hear and even speak to your kids from any computer and iPhone or Android smartphones.

As a parent, it is very comforting to know that you can check on your dependents and have peace of mind with a peek at your smartphone or just a few clicks on your computer.