Top 10 Most Difficult Jobs 2016

Top 10 Most Difficult Jobs 2016

From time to time we’ve all felt stressed at our jobs. We’re here to make you feel better by counting down the top 10 most difficult jobs in the world!

1. US President

Barack Obama

This one hardly needs to be explained. Every small decision you make not only affects those in your country, but the rest of the world as well. Combine this with a crazy schedule, constant meetings and public talks. Forget rest, this is a 24/7 job!

2. Coal Miner


One of the most difficult, dangerous and physically exhausting professions! Spending in excess of 8 hours per day in a cold, dark, noisy, underground tunnel breathing coal dust is a typical day in the “office”. This is not to mention accidents including explosions and cave-ins.

3. Crime Scene Cleaner


Working as a residential cleaner is considered a tough job – working as a crime scene cleaner takes the unpleasantness to the next level. These workers clean up after meth labs, dead bodies, suicides and even massacre killings. A day in the office for these workers involves health hazards, dangerous chemicals, disease and decomposition. Talk about a difficult job!

4. Mortician


It’s hard to find a more physically and emotionally draining job. These brave workers look into the face of death everyday. Their job is to prepare the deceased for burial and cremation which involves cleaning, embalming, grooming and dressing every day. In addition they often provide emotional support for the family members of the deceased at odd hours including weekends.

5. Hot Zone Superintendents


Imagine your job was to contain lethal airborne pathogens with no known cure… That is just one day in the job of a hot-zone superintendent. An accident in an “office job” means a scolding from management; an accident in one if these labs could result in a pandemic outbreak that destroys humanity. And you thought your job was stressful?

6. Ironworker


Even with extensive safety equipment, ironworkers are prone to extremely high non-fatal injury rates. Working outdoors year round in extremely hot and cold conditions, carrying heavy metals at significant heights (e.g. skyscrapers) is not anyone’s idea of fun. Yet these brave workers do this for hours on end – five days per week.

7. Prison Warden


Responsible for managing an entire prison full of convicted criminals including murderers, rapists and escape artists is no easy feat. These workers face constant abuse from inmates and prison guards alike. It is their job to ensure all escape attempts are unsuccessful, violence is curbed quickly and the prison maintains a trusted and safe institution.

8. Kolkata Sewage Cleaners


Sewage cleaners in Kolkata, India climb into the pipes with no protective equipment. They are not only expected to clean the toxics chemicals, gas and human waste, but to risk their lives doing so. Climbing into pipes and sewers unprotected can result in physical injury as well as infections, disease and a host of allergies. Don’t even ask how much they get paid!

9. UN Negotiator


Although not psychically exhausting like the the others on the list, this still qualifies as one of the hardest jobs in the world. The daily routine is getting involved in global conflicts when all other measures fail. The negotiator has little power to enforce the agreements and must find a compromise that suits both sides. Sounds impossibly difficult? Almost…

10. Public School Teachers


One of the most undervalued professions, school teachers are really to be admired. Spending everyday around students that may harass and disrespect them, parents who complain you’re not doing a good enough job and the principal who makes them compete for a small bonus on top of a small salary. Taking work home is never a choice, it’s an obligation.

Next time you feel overwhelmed at your job, remember there are people who have it much tougher!

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