D-Link DCS-7010L

D-Link DCS-7010L


The D-Link DCS-7010L is an outdoor HD bullet camera with night vision that can operate upon PoE (power over ethernet).

The DCS-7010L is not only waterproof, but also dust proof, making it an excellent outdoor camera. The Images are also of high quality, having up to 1 Megapixel quality. The camera also features a Infrared LEDs for night vision that can view up to 9 m, as well as PIR (passive infrared sensor) to determine motion via infrared. All these features are packed into relatively small and light body, making it an excellent out door HD camera. The camera’s ability to operate upon PoE also allows for less wiring with more reliable connectivity.

This camera, however, doesn’t have wifi ability, which may be an issue for users that are unfamiliar with PoE. The camera also doesn’t explicitly show which way the view is up, which maybe cause some unnecessary hassle during the set up process.

Overall, a great camera with great images and with a durable yet light body, allowing for easy mounting. Excellent functions for night time operation.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Has PIR (passive infrared sensors)
  • Has Night vision
  • 1 megapixel (1280×800) images
  • PoE (power over ethernet)
  • Works with Cammy Home Alarm


  • Hard to tell which way up during mounting
  • No Wifi connection ability
  • Not the cheapest camera

Our verdict

The DCS-7010L works wonderfully, especially during night time with its PIR and night vision abilities combined.