D-Link DCS-930L

D-Link DCS-930L


If you want a low cost reliable camera for internal use the D-LINK DCS-930L is our recommendation. At around $40 they are cheap enough to put several around your house on windowsills etc. Cammy will auto configure the camera in just a few minutes. Your review author has seven in his house and they work beautifully, even with a basic ADSL internet connection.

Wireless operation works well. The camera has a maximum 640×480 resolution, which is fine for most household monitoring purposes. It is also efficient on the internet connection.

We have found the DCS-930L to be robust and trouble free. My young children have not managed to break one yet.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Great value for money, at around $40
  • Robust and Reliable


  • Maximum resolution (640*480) may not meet all users needs
  • Does not have night vision
  • Only useable indoors and on windowsills facing outside the house

Our verdict

These cameras are perfect if you want to put several cameras in your house, they are affordable, reliable and effective.