How DogVacay Users Can Monitor Their Pets Remotely

How DogVacay Users Can Monitor Their Pets Remotely

If you’re a DogVacay host you know about the VacayCam feature that lets you send out daily photo updates to your guests – photos like the one below.


This is a great feature from DogVacay as it strengthens the connection between guests and hosts and lets guests know that their pet is ok.

But as a DogVacay host, what do you do when you’re not with the dog you’re looking after? Let’s say you’re at work. How do you a) check the dog is ok and b) communicate this to your guest?

The answer is Cammy.

Cammy is a service that allows you to monitor a dog’s kennel or your backyard from your smartphone or computer.

This is how it works:

1. Visit our website

2. Click ‘Get Started Now’ & select your plan

3. Download the free app. Position the camera e.g. at the dog’s bed. When the camera detects motion, it takes a series of photos which you can view via the Cammy app or

In the footage below (captured by Cammy), you can see what your pet does when you leave home for the day. Pretty cool huh!


Imagine sitting at work and being able to check on your phone to see what your pet is up to. You can even decide to share a photo with your guest from the app.


But that’s not all.

If you really want to wow your guest and separate yourself from the dog pack (other DogVacay hosts) you can choose to share your camera with your guest – giving them access to see their pet anytime.

For those who want to see their pet in the middle of the night, you can do that with an infrared IP camera.


The best thing is your “doggie camera” doubles as a security camera, nanny cam, kid cam, office cam, the options are endless.

So if you’re a DogVacay host, guest or pet owner who would like to check on your pet when your not home, click here to learn more about Cammy.

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