Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids

Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids

There are many educational resources available to help kids develop and learn. From books to shows to interactive websites, there is no shortage of supply.

According to an experiment conducted by Dragon Box, kids were able to absorb 28 hours of algebra in 5 days using the Dragon Box app! This just reaffirms the assumption that games are one of the best resources to educate young kids.

The simple, structured curriculum of educational apps combined with the portability of a phone or tablet allows your kids to learn anytime, anywhere.

Without further ado here is our top 5 list of educational apps for kids.

1. Balloony Word – Free on App Store


Ages: 6-10

A spin off on the classic game “hangman”, Balloony Word removes the violent imagery while helping your child develop their vocabulary. The game shows animals floating while hanging onto a bunch of balloons with letters written on them. A word with missing letters is displayed below and it’s up to the child to help the animal by choosing the right letters to complete the word.

2. Fish School HD – $2 on App Store


Ages 2-5

An ideal game to teach preschoolers letters, numbers, shapes and colours in a fun and interactive way. The app covers the basic curriculum taught before or during preschool. The game displays all 8 educational activities with animated fish which react when tapped on or dragged around the screen.

3. Dinosaur Park Math – $1 on App Store/Google Play


Ages: 8-12

Teach kids basic math and dinosaur facts with this exploration game. The game takes the child through a dinosaur park presenting mathematical challenges to unlock different areas in the game. As the kids solve basic math problems centred around addition and subtraction, the kids collect fossils and artifacts that contain dinosaur facts.

4. PocketPhonics – $6.99 on App Store


Ages: 1-5

A great way to teach kids letter sounds, first words and handwriting! The app takes kids through reading, sound and writing challenges while teaching the child the basic preschool curriculum.  The app even supports 2 writing styles and, through the use of arrows, teaches kids to write uppercase, lowercase and cursive.

5. Scout’s ABC Garden – $2 on App Store


Ages: 2-4

One of the many Leap Frog series, the Scout’s ABC garden stars a puppy named Scout who needs the child’s help to find items he’s lost in the garden. The game offers a personalised experience by learning the child’s name, favourite colour and food. Scout takes kids through the garden asking them for their help to grow letters, count water droplets and find his missing items.

Say goodbye to boredom on long car trips or at home with these interactive games. Learning made fun and easy with portable and affordable solutions! Download one of the apps today.

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Did we miss a great educational game for kids? Tell us in the comments below