Employee Gone Rogue Caught on Cammy

Employee Gone Rogue Caught on Cammy

Here at Cammy, we love our horror movies so naturally we love a good Halloween story line. Here’s one we conjured up about an employee going rogue…

On 28 October, our office camera detected a person…

After checking the Cammy app, this is what we saw in events:

Earlier in the week, we had heard rumours of an employee gone rogue. He had eaten all the Halloween candy from the kitchen (the reason why his mouth won’t close anymore) and was on the prowl…

His hunger for candy was insatiable and he knew one of the girls had the biggest candy stash in Cammy…

Disclaimer: No Cammy employee or furry animal was harmed in the creation of this post.

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If you’re looking to monitor your employees or improve your overall workplace security, Cammy is perfect. If a person is detected on camera, an alert is sent to your smartphone and you can choose to disarm the system if you recognise the person or switch to Live View to see what’s happening in real time if you’re unsure. Peace of mind made easy!

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