Extremely Scary Pranks

Extremely Scary Pranks

The internet is full of scary prank videos, but we’re sure you haven’t seen ones like these!

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

Ghost In Elevator Prank

There’s something unnerving about seeing a child come out of nowhere while you’re trapped in the elevator.. The flickering lights don’t help! What would you do if this happened to you?


Killer Bees in Elevator

This classic comes to us from a Brazilian Youtuber whose channel is full of scary pranks and gems like this one! The introduction is a little long so start at 55 seconds if you want to skip ahead to the prank.

Elevator Coffin Prank

Sharing the elevator with a coffin is scary enough, having the person “come back to life” takes it up a notch.

Devil’s Daughter

Another scary prank with a spooky child. In a dark parking lot, on the sidewalk or in a park, this prank is scary no matter where you do it!

Zombies On The Road

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you came across some zombies? Watch these people drive for their life!

Vampire Girl In The Park

The sight of the makeup alone is enough to give someone a heart attack. Watch the girl prank unsuspecting victims.

Zombies On The Train

A casual train ride home after work…until it’s not. Trapped with locked doors and nowhere to go while a horde of zombies attack the train. Very well orchestrated prank!

Russian Hitman In Elevator

[Viewer Discretion Advised] This tops the list because of how quickly it escalates. A hostage in an elevator, check. Money with blood on it, check. Victim begging for help, check. Scary mafia guy chasing you with a handheld drill… well, you’ll see.

Although these pranks are made in the name of fun, they teach us a very important lesson about staying safe and being aware of our surroundings. (Thankfully) None of these scenarios are real but taking extra precautions when walking through a park alone at night might just save your life.