Fake Security Products, Do They Work?

Fake Security Products, Do They Work?

With so many fake security products out there, how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

From fake security cameras, to light simulators to yard signs. Let’s look at some common examples and how likely they are to prevent a burglary.

Yard Signs



While a fake yard sign may scare off some intruders, it can also alert people that you have precious items to protect.

Statistics show that the presence of a home alarm deters at least 60% of burglars. However fake security signs that do not mention the name of the security company are a dead give away.

We should also mention that yard signs can look ugly and are ineffective at night.

The Verdict:

If you do choose to protect your home with a fake yard sign, choose one that is associated with a known security brand name. But don’t expect it to protect your home at night.

Sensor Lights



Sensor lights make a great addition to an existing security system as it gives the house an occupied feel.

Burglars don’t like confrontation and have reported that the presence of a person in the house will prevent the break in attempt in most cases.

Of course, sensor lights are not effective during the day, the peak time for burglaries.

Most people (including burglars) are familiar with sensor lights so they’re not as effective as when they first launched. For example, imagine turning up to a dark house at night and the porch lights turns on but the rest of the home stays dark. It’s easy to spot a sensor light these days.

The Verdict:

People choose fake security products to save on costs associated with real security products. This makes sensor lights an expensive investment especially when you consider most people know how sensor lights work and the fact they only work at night.

Electronic Barking Dog



This gadget is a simulator for those who can’t afford or don’t want a guard dog.

A motion sensor is placed outside the door. When activated, a speaker inside plays dog barking noises. Some sophisticated systems even connect to the timer lights to make it look like someone was woken by the noise.

Burglars have reported that having a dog indoors would prevent less than 50% of attempted break ins so that leaves 50% of burglars who would still try their luck despite a barking dog.

Also consider that the sound of an electronic barking dog can wear thin after a while. You’ll need to constantly plug and unplug this device every time you leave / come home.

The Verdict:

If you’re willing to spend $130 USD on Amazon to buy this product, you might as well invest into a real home security system like Cammy.

Fake Cameras



Perhaps the most common fake security product sold on the market. Mounting a few cameras coupled with a yard sign will only set you back around $50 USD.

The obvious issue with this setup is if a burglar was to break in, you would have no footage to prove it ever happened. Most burglars are aware of fake cameras and will be able to tell the difference. Seasoned burglars will even pose as salesmen before they attempt the break in.

Some burglars completely ignore a visible security camera. We know because one of our customers caught a burglar on camera who looked straight at the camera before breaking in.

The Verdict

Fake security cameras can be a deterrent but that’s all the more reason to invest into a real camera based alarm system that can notify you of a break in and provide you with the evidence to help police catch the intruder.

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