8 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

8 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to home security, are you making these 8 mistakes?

1. Dummy Cameras



People install dummy cameras in hopes of scaring off potential thieves, and yes this may deter the kid next door but professionals know the difference.

Investing in a functioning camera is a better alternative. Not only will a real camera give you eyes and peace of mind, but the footage captured can be used as evidence if something bad were to happen.

2. Lock Up



This may seem obvious but statistics show that most break-ins happen when doors and windows are left open. What’s worse, most insurance companies won’t cover the damages.

So make sure you lock all doors and windows before leaving the house, that includes the garage, basement and upstairs windows. Check out the 6 most popular ways burglars access your home.

3. Spare Hidden Key


Hiding a key “under a rock” is so 1990s. This leaves you vulnerable to break-ins and theft, especially if someone sees you use it.

Of course, if you do leave a key out, consider focusing a camera on the front entrance. That way if someone does discover your key, you discover them and can do something about it.

4. Leaving Valuables Around


This is a very common mistake to make! Most people will think twice before leaving valuables in their car but don’t see the danger in leaving them in plain sight in their house. People forget that windows work both ways. If you can see out, people can see in.

To decrease the chance of a break in, remove the temptation and store your valuables out of sight. If you want to take it one step further, think about investing in a safe. On the subject of hiding stuff, check out the 10 worst places to hide valuables.

5. Ladders/Tools


If you saw a man dressed in worn overalls climbing a ladder would it set off alarm bells? Most probably not, you would think you’re looking at a trades person hard at work. The sad truth is thieves use disguises to go unnoticed, don’t help them by leaving props.

Make sure to store ladders and tools safely locked in a garage or shed.

6. Social Media



Thieves use Facebook too! Publicly announcing your absence for the next few weeks can be costly if seen by the wrong pair of eyes.

Tighten your online security and ensure you are only sharing important information with the people you trust.

7. Overflowing Letterbox


As unsettling as this is, some people will search through another’s trash to estimate the value of the items inside. This is especially true around the holiday season when major purchases are made. If you leave the box from your new TV on the curb you are informing every passer that there is a new TV in your house.

Instead, crush your boxes to fit them in the bins or store them in your house until the rubbish truck comes around.

8. Lights/Shrubs



Dark houses attract thieves and provide cover. If you have weeds or tall grass you leave more opportunity for someone to hide. This is especially true if you allow plants to conceal windows or backdoors. The same concept applies to lights, a dark house is an easy target.

Regularly maintain your yard, mow the lawn and remove plants that provide cover.